Mauj (Mother), the Source of Inspiration, Joy and Nourishment!

Mauj (Mother), the Source of Inspiration, Joy and Nourishment!
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Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Children are apple of an eye, the great source of joy and companionship for most people, especially parents. They make life sweet and after Allah they are the ones on whom people usually pin their hopes. Children’s’ blessings brings Rizq( sustenance), mercy and abundance of reward. But, all this depends on the children having a moral upbringing which will make them respectful, kind and a source of happiness.
If the children have good attributes then they are truly a source of joy for the life of man. Allah says in the Quran:
“Wealth and sons are allurements (joys) of the life of this world”
For this reason, Prophet Mohammad (SAW) used to pray for those whom he loved that Allah would grant them wealth and children in abundance. Anas(RA) reported a hadith that Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) made a dua for him and said:
“O’ Allah grant him wealth and children in abundance and bless him” (Bhukhari and Muslim).
But if parents neglect their children’s moral upbringing, the results will be disastrous. Their children will be a source of annoyance, frustration and constant concern not to mention nights of sleep and days of worry. So, all parents are responsible for providing their children with a sound Islamic education and upbringing based on noble characteristics.
The biggest responsibility is thrown in the lap of the mother among all family members. The lap is warm and gracious to look after the children and it develops an affectionate relationship and bond.
In the family, the mother is called the mentor of children as she understands the psychology of children and knows how to deal with them.
The mother is always close to children in all ways and shows every kind of patience even when the children show disobedience and annoyance. She cares and love them and does not use abusive and accusing language toward her children.
The primary duty that mothers demonstrate toward their children is to show love, mercy and obedience so that they show confidence and high levels of self esteem.
The mother doesn’t not care the discomforts of her nights when she lays her child on the dried part of the bed and herself sleeps on the excretional fluids and ,at times, on faecal matter.
The mother leaves her day schedule including culinary activities but prefers to treat, lap and nourish her children; even she doesn’t care about day meals and breakfast.
During the early years of childhood, the children need proper care and management as they act little seedlings in the green garden which, at regular hours, need water and proper surveillance. With the hectic work schedules, at times, a mother becomes unable to spend quality time with their children and, in the process, expects educational institutions to take total responsibility of her children. When something radically goes wrong in a family atmosphere there is a danger of criminal tendencies creeping into children and, at the end result, criminals and dacoits are born.
The most important thing that mother should do is to use affectionate and lovable upbringing of her children. .
As is rightly said by some one
” Righteousness comes from Allah but good manners from mother”
So, a mother has to play a key role to instruct the children morally.
Our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW) has said” Instruct your children to pray when they are seven years of age and hit them when they are ten”. Remember parents don’t teach them to pray but they teach them ethical values by words and actions.
Children after crossing the age of adulthood get to marry and have to shoulder the huge responsibilities of their families but they must not forget the mother. They must pay special homage; nourishment and good care take in her old age and in broken health. She lingers as the last hope to her children. And, she is the ultimate source of joy, nourishment and inspiration!

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