Look Before you Leap and Stop Unnecessary Criticism: ReT’s Got What They Deserved!

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By Mushtaq Hurra

The past ten or twelve months have been very tumultuous for our school education department with the largest fraternity of erstwhile SSA teachers resorting to different modes of protests resulting in confrontations with the administration. The protests undoubtedly left scars on the face of our educational system where balms should be applied and teachers are the best people to heal these wounds up. I hope, my fraternity will work hard to overcome these humungous issues.
The recent State Administrative Council decision and the SRO from the people at the helm of affairs culminated into vicious cycle of protests by teachers. Teachers have taken a sigh of relief to some extent though not fully because a new tag of “grade two teachers ” has etched a new stigma to these teachers. Anyway, the community is contented , and hope that their unpaid salaries to be released at the earliest.
To the utter surprise and shock of these teachers, some people have begun to criticize through some media houses, in particular , and through social media, in general , the SAC decision Here, I want to clear an important point that employees are appointed by a government or a regime to run the administrative affairs of the state smoothly. Governments and regimes are not bound to arrange a job for you if you are unemployed. The administration can generate job avenues, and meritorious are supposed to grab them but a state is not bound to deliver a job at your door steps. Degrees are not acquired to win us handsome jobs rather to make us good humans.
Governments and regimes are responsible for the welfare and betterment of its employees because the employees are the people who run the different administrative machinery with their blood and sweat. We have CSR rules which assure and guarantee an employee certain rights and privileges. So , why this hue and cry? Our every service particular declares us at par with other state employees.
Erstwhile SSA teachers have been inducted into the state sector by the incumbent governor administration. This is not a favor for these teachers rather justice with the teachers. Read our regularization orders which loudly say that we are as good as general line teachers. We are entitled to perks and privileges which other state employees are entitled to. Let me tell these critics that the recent SAC decision has not regularized us but has streamlined our salaries through state sector. We are already regular employees. Have a look at our service books; we have already reaped the benefits of sixth pay commission, we have been receiving the annual increments at par with other state employees, we have all credentials which state employees are supposed to possess, so don’t mislead people.
Very recently, an article in English daily passed before my eyes. I was surprised to see the writer’s poor knowledge of things about the credentials of these teachers. No doubt, a small number of Teachers were appointed on 12th class basis but they have not entered the department through sword or gun, rather through the procedure laid down by our people at the helm. We have many general line teachers who have been appointed as 12th standard pass outs. We have a good number of teachers who have been promoted from lab bearers and assistants. Why don’t you stigmatize them? Why are you after Ret’s? For your kind information, most of the Ret teachers are highly qualified and efficient.
The academic standards in our elementary schools have comparatively improved after the inception of Ret scheme though a lot is yet to be done. This community has infused a new lease of life into the defunct educational system of our state which had been halted and badly hit by the turmoil. Ret teachers are the Resource Teachers at different levels. They have already proven their mettle. They need not any validation from every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Ret’s are not the only people whose children are admitted in private schools. Children of general line teachers are also studying in private schools but you have no bias toward them. We would have admitted our children in our own schools but we don’t have the required infrastructure and other necessary things available there. Let Authorities provide science labs, sufficient co-curricular activities in these schools. Let them end the syllabi disparity between the two service providers, and let them improve our Textbooks. Why should we make our children the scapegoats? So, your allegation is not based on logic. I wish all these things are available in government schools, and then teachers will admit their wards in their own Schools.
I fail to understand the points that how have teachers become richer and students poorer. MDM is not any motivation to our kids to join Government Schools. People have enough to feed their children. It is not MDM but the quality workforce which motivates people to send their wards to Government Schools.
Ret teachers are the backbone of our elementary school system. They are the people who are working in secondary and higher secondary schools alongside the other teaching fraternities. So, stop this prejudiced approach and projection against these teachers. We have thousands of posts vacant at state and country levels. If you are competent and worthy enough then prove yourself as others are proving. We haven’t grabbed your rights rather our rights have been marred and halted. Think positive as there is a big world to explore!

The writer is a Teache and a Social Activist. He can be reached at: mushtaqhurra143@gmail.com