On Ideas and Ideation, Good and Bad

On Ideas and Ideation, Good and Bad
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Ideation literary means formation of ideas and concepts. Ideas like everything else can be good or bad, pregnant with the ways about the betterment of the human race or harmful to it and progressive and regressive. The formation of ideas and concepts is a natural process; a person’s role is to give direction to ideas and concepts. The person ideally should harness good ideas and avoid the bad ones. It is but natural that bad ideas will crop up, occasionally or frequently, and the role of the person is suppressing the process of cropping up of such ideas. If, anyhow the ideas come to the mind the ideas must not be turned into reality, they must not be given a practical shape.
This approach of living and this way of formation and implementation, or otherwise, of the ideas and concepts is bound to make life easy, life looks beautiful with this approach. In case the ideation process is not normal it produces the opposite results and life turns hard, harsh and ugly. Therefore, our utmost efforts should be to keep this process normal and the normal ideation means breeding and implementing ideas which make life easy and avoiding and suppressing those which make it tough.
Ideation process has not always remained normal and ideal; it has also not remained static. Many agencies, forces and factors and agents indulge in, modulate and manipulate ideation and produce ideas which turn the conditions of life opposite of what they ideally should be. All the bad men produced by the human history, and are still produced, are mainly influenced by the bad ideas and they work according to those ideas only. Their suppressing process of ideas begins with that of the good ideas and ends with them. Bad, damaging and destructive ideas are the only ones they harness, groom, garner, grow and disperse.
Hitler killed millions of people by holding a faulty ideation process and for a dangerous ideology. The ideology was that the Jews were the worst of the people that have ever lived on the face of the earth. His premonition at that time was that he did not kill all the Jews only to show the world how pathetic and dangerous Jews are.
According to Hitler, he could have killed them all but he left some to show to the succeeding generations that what they will do to the other races and people who come under their domination. In respect of Palestine and other places where Jews have created havoc proves somewhere the premonition of Hitler right. However, it cannot be a valid justification for killing Jews and killing such a humongous number of them. No justification is a justification for killing innocent people, whosoever they are. Hitler’s ideation and ideas were all faulty and flawed which eventually doomed their proponent and the protagonist.
Coming to the current day world we can go to the extent of saying that the process of ideation has moved too far from the ideal and normal. To put it in terms of economics, we can even say that the process has gone bankrupt, the ideas which were considered bad are promoted and propagated as good, that which were thought as unprofitable for human race are presented as profitable and only profitable ideas and the ideas which were stated as pregnant with the potential causes for doom of humans are practiced as if the only saviours of human species.
In the days of nationalism the ideology of with us or against us as proposed by the superpower of the world has turned the entire world hostile and insecure. At times a person or a nation who are against us and do not follow our ideologies and policies can end up serving our interests better than the ones who follow our ideas blindly.
During the Cold War days, if there were any countries who were concerned with the security and wellbeing of the human species were those who followed the doctrine of non-alignment. These countries and leaders even tried to save, and saved actually, those powers who considered non-aligned countries as their foes. So the ideas and ideation process of the rival superpowers was faulty and dangerous but those of the ones who followed non-alignment were better and for the betterment of the world.
In some instances it has been witnessed that the power elites who spread venom about their counterparts in the other country have cordial relations with them in private. They make people to fight but themselves they enjoy all the good relations. It seems it is a game where both the partners are the choreographers, producers and directors of the show. Unfortunately, the normal ideation process of the masses has been disturbed and the people never try to correct that process, they never allow the spontaneous good ideas, which could aid them in distinguishing the real intentions of the elites from the ones that are presented to the masses, to grow. These ideas are suppressed before they even crop up.
This tendency of the rulers of these countries is not more of a skill to manipulate and modulate the public mood but it is bankruptcy of the ideation process of the masses which fails to see what is good, and which is convincingly good. They fail to see the truth that in living together they could get more benefits, and they fail to develop the ideas which could make that possible.
Making poor people suffer is no bravery and it is no leadership. The so called leaders are actually killers and butchers of the people and mutilators of the dignity of their countries. For their parochial ends they use their ideation process abnormally and manipulate the emotions of their people to create in the people a faulty and bankrupt process where ideas and concepts are not allowed to take shape and if they are allowed it is not done in case of the ones which could solve the problem but rather those which could perpetuate the animosity.
This is not about Israel and Pakistan, Jews and Indians but all of us, and all the countries of the world. The difference is only of the level to which we belong. We are bankrupt at the individual level and are ideationally so at the levels above. Any idea that could show us the correct way for the general welfare and wellbeing is plundered and marauded and any idea which aids us in getting parochial personal interests fulfilled is groomed even if it signals the disaster for many, that latter is none of our concern.
The great idealists of the past for whom the betterment of the human race was the only concern would be cursing the current race in their graves for procuring and creating ideas of the destruction of human race. Plato tried to create the ideal state by a perfect process of ideation but we are hell bent to develop the perverted and worst states, worst than the ones that have ever existed.
Somewhere we have to ponder to correct our ideation process; we have to see to it that the affairs of human race follow that of sustenance and honorable existence as a rule. We have to expose all the modern Hitlers in the democratic guise so that no further harm is caused to human values and the real interests of the nations. It should be now, never is not any option.

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