Notes on the Mind Numbing and Unethical Drift of the Populist Media

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The role of electronic media should have been totally antithetical to its current posturing. TV channels shouldn’t have been the by-products of populist agencies. They have turned this noble profession into a murky one. Nudity, eroticism seems a possible aim of these media channels. I think this is an agenda to divert the youth from decency to an unethical orientation, and thereby make them hopelessly, shamelessly addicted to it. They show us film stars, adult stars, pop music, disco, and fashion parades (often with scantily clad young women who set the temperature soaring even during chilly nights), astrology or cricket. It is not in line with the poor and marginalized sections of our society rather it is anti-innovative in nature. Most of the time and money are being invested on showing cricket, Bollywood stars, disco dancing and pop music. What the poor and victimized have to do with ace dancing skills of Sunny Leone, Katrina! It clearly shows how mass media of our times is acting irresponsibly and hence, lacking capabilities of social orientation for combating the gut wrenching issues of the era.
Media should serve people in fighting against poverty, unemployment, and other social evils. As the fourth estate media should play a powerful role against despotism by expressing itself fearlessly and boldly. What then should be the role of the media?
This is a question of utmost importance. In developing countries where media has to play a great role in countering and combating against strife, malnutrition, corruption, backwardness, poverty, mediocrity, weak educational system, and inefficiency of private and public administration, it must present itself a true representative of people’s voice. It should act as protector of human values, rights and general interests of public and should surface the true democratic voices into floor by putting a stand against draconian laws which have a dubious track record of violation human right and civil liberties.
Since a large section of the people of our society, are living in ridden poverty and ignorance. It is our duty to bring them into light and make our region an enlightened one. We are going through transitional phase, between a feudal society and a modern industrial society. This is a painful and agonising period.
Even the so called great religious minds, educationist and mass leaders emulate an awful pattern of life.. Let humanity prevail over violence. Our aim should be to remove this transitional phase as quickly as possible. We must try to make it a modern, powerful and industrial region. This is an only way to be successful warriors against this menace, which we are facing as a society.
Media is befooling people on the pretext of astrology, which is totally unscientific and lacking relevance in this modern age. Let common sense prevail and tell us the movement of stars and planets have no rational connection with our lives and can’t determine whether one will become a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer, possibly, I can retain neither respect nor affection for such media, if it continuous with the same.

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