Negative Commentary against the the ReT Community is a Case of Sour Grapes

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By using social media as war house against each other, t seems ridiculous and insane on a part of a writer , who may be an unemployed youth or a rival person, by articulating the stories in daily papers or social media groups. He/she doesn’t know the actual existence of an RET Scheme.


As we know, the recruitment process was banned for more than decade by which thousands of educated youth were helpless and this scheme compelled them to work on a meagre salary for five years which ruined their career. Now, after working continuously in the department since 2000, the government was not serious about their condition and treated them as contractual or bonded labor. By the hard work of the union, this community got its rights and this agitated person doesn’t swallow the success.
Really, there are +2 teachers as well but they have worked very hard to give cent percent in those far flung schools where no one was ready to work. These schools became functional by the dedication and hard work of such teachers. They have increased the roll as well as the literacy rates of the area. It became possible for the poor families who didn’t manage to admit their wards in private institutions; they have full faith of such government t schools and such teachers as well. As we know, most of the outgoing students of such schools are studying in well reputed colleges and Universities or some are working in government or the private sector.
But, an egoist approach has ruined our society and the schools as well. Better suggestion was to oppose the government policies not the respectable community that has served in schools from the last 18 years., However, the writer or other rival persons who achieved their degrees from universities by one or other means couldn’t stop telling lies and spread hatred . When restrictions on the recruitment process were removed, some mi people who didn’t make it in the merit list at that time , used all the power, money, position, favors to induct themselves in the same department as rivals in the other.
By the grace of Almighty Allah, this community has successfully won all the battles and hurdles which came across their thorn strewn paths al these years. It has already worked hard through these years and, Inshallah, would continuously work better in these school to uplift the standards of education.

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