KU seeks details of faculty from private affiliated colleges

KU seeks details of faculty from private affiliated colleges
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‘Management at some colleges recruiting faculty on their own’

Srinagar: With some institutions allegedly bypassing regulations on appointment of faculty, Kashmir University has sought information from private colleges affiliated with it about faculty members working there.
In a letter shot to the private colleges on Friday, Dean of College Development Council of KU, Prof Nilofer Khan, asked private colleges that run programmes including B Ed, BBA, BCA and BSc (IT) and are affiliated to KU to “submit the details of faculty members working in their colleges as on date.”
Besides the names of faculty members, Prof Khan has sought information about the faculty members’ academic qualification, the subjects they teach at the institutions, and their period of stay.
Notably, the institutions have also been asked to inform the faculty members’ “mode of appointment” (whether recruited through university or college management).
The colleges have been asked to furnish the information by Monday.
KU has sought details about the mode of appointment because “in some colleges, things are not ok”, Prof Khan told Kashmir Reader.
“There are some problems there,” she added.
AS per Prof Khan, some of the private affiliated colleges are bypassing the KU on recruitment of faculty there.
Asked to elaborate over the “problems” at some colleges, Prof Khan said, “Problems in the sense like if we have done some recruitment and a faculty member (appointed by KU to a college) gets a government job, the management at some colleges recruit faculty on their own, while as Dean Colleges has to do that as per rules.”
Although it is “routine work” to seek information from private colleges over the faculty appointed there, Prof Khan said that this time they were “attesting the details of the faculty members with my seal and signature so that when we go there next time, we have full record.”
“It is a process in order to streamline things,” she said.
In the letter sent on Friday, Prof Khan directed the private affiliated colleges to “produce the compliance report of previous affiliation letters issued to them and also keep available all records and staff for inspections which are in process.”