Notes on the PUBG Addition

Notes on the PUBG Addition
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PUB-G, the name almost everyone is aware about globally as well as locally in Kashmir has become such a craze o that if you don’t know what it is, you might be living in a different planet. Before writing further, let me briefly describe what actually this enigmatic term Pub-G is.
PUB-G or ‘’Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ ’is an online multiplayer battle Royal Game developed and published by the PUB-G company, a subsidiary of a South Korean video game company Blue Hole. This multiplayer online shooter game allows a solo or team players who subscribe to the battle royale format, which drops 100 players at a time into an pre selected enclosed place wherein these players fight with each other in collaboration with their respective teams and kill the other opponents with various ammunition weapons, guns, bombs and so on till a player fights till the end to remain ‘Last man alive’ with a winner tag called as ‘Chicken Dinner’.
The game is highly sophisticated designed with virtual 3-D technology and various highly programmed codings used to make the software such that it got worldwide positive reviews from the gaming companies all across the world making it ‘best-selling of all the time’ with over 50 million sold all across by June 2018. Moreover, the game also got the title of ’Game of the year’ and ‘No 1 game by Google playstore’.
With respect to Kashmir and its effect on the youngsters that are usually In their teens, the said game has got an immense critical response from the people across all age groups in the valley. One would hardly find a home in Kashmir where kids are not playing this game or at least are not aware about the game itself. The situation is slowly turning into a grave and alarming with every passing day as the kids who used to play it occasionally are becoming addicted to it 24×7.
The recent example of such gory incident from the state is of a Jammu based fitness trainer who lost his mental stability after playing Pub-G for continues 10 days without proper food and sleep. The person in contention had also hurt himself every time he would lose in the game. Thankfully, he is currently under treatment and recovering. Similarly in another case a 19 year Delhi boy had reportedly killed his parents and sister on disturbing and taunting him while he was playing his game. This shows the gravity of the issue and the after hazardous repercussions the addiction of the game can cause a person.
Parents including all sections of the society, particularly in Kashmir, have come all together in one voice against the growing addiction of Pub-G among their kids in teenage citing the reason of Pub-G of their kids getting less academic grades in exams. They had also requested intervention of the Governor and requested him to ban the game in the J&K to avoid any dangerous incident in future. The Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) has also termed the Pub-G addiction more dangerous than drug addiction and has advised parents to keep their kids away from any kind of such game addiction.
Medically speaking, the World Health Organization WHO has recognized addicted gaming as a disorder in the international classification of diseases. Playing excessive games like Pub-G can grievously change the behavioral patterns of a person, because sleep related issues like Insomnia, psychiatric disturbances or even amnesia (loss of memory or forgetfulness) in extreme cases.
While there is no denying the fact that playing games can benefit a person, especially kids in developing their cognitive ability through various gaming methods and levels but excessive use of anything as is considered to be bad and the addictive nature of games like Pub-G can have a very bad and lasting impact on one’s physical, mental as well as social health. So, taking due cognizance of the alarming situation is the need of hour before the situation gets out of control and takes an ugly turn, God forbid!

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