Yaripora’s Sub-district Hospital without operation theatre

Yaripora’s Sub-district Hospital without operation theatre
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Also lacks sewers and compound wall

KULGAM: Residents of Yaripora area of Kulgam district have expressed anguish over the apathy of Health officials towards the local Sub-District hospital, which remains devoid of proper staff as also an operation theatre, while having no boundary wall on one side and no sewers for the sewage generated at the facility.
Dozens of peripheral villages are dependent on the hospital as the nearest alternatives are either Kulgam District Hospital, which is 14 kilometres from Yaripora, or the Sub-District Hospital in Bijbehara, some 18 kms away.
The residents, Kashmir Reader talked to, said that they have been moving from one minister to another and one official to another to get their grievance heard.
“For years the hospital has been left without an operation theatre. Why do they call it a sub-district hospital if they have to refer even simple delivery cases to other hospitals?” asked Ghulam Muhammad Shah, a local shopkeeper.
The residents lamented that theirs is probably the only SDH in the whole valley which does not have an operation theatre.
While discussing the ways the officials have been neglecting their area on the health care front, the residents said, “Inadequate staff is an issue we have been dealing with for ages now.”
Creating more inconvenience for patients, the hospital does not have sewers for treatment of the sewage generated on its premises.
“All the sewage flows to the backyard of the hospital, and the whole hospital keeps smelling of human waste all the time,” Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat, another local, told Kashmir Reader.
He said that the hospital’s back yard has been turned into a swamp filled with human waste and it’s not only creating problems for the patients but also the people living nearby.
“The hospital was supposed to keep people healthy, but it’s because of it now that people are falling ill in the first place,” rue the residents.
Chief Medical Officer, Kulgam, Dr Fazil Kochak acknowledged the problems faced by the hospital.
“Earlier no surgeons were posted to the hospital, which meant it was immaterial whether there was an OT or not. But now that staff has been allocated properly, we have started to acquire equipment for the theatre,” Kochak said.
He said that DPRs have also been made for construction of sewers and a boundary wall.
“Things will move forward pretty soon at the hospital,” Kochak assured.