The PUBG Game is a Dangerous Addiction. Stop Before It is Too Late

The PUBG Game is a Dangerous Addiction. Stop Before It is Too Late
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Aabid Hassan War

In the last three minutes, two of your team mates are dead and one is knocked out; you with an M16 and KAR 98 go to revive him while your hands tremble with excitement and fear .Welcome to PUBG (Player Unknowns Battleground) that has hit the market in the March of last year and already surpassed every tech game. The game is filled with a wide array of three dimensional graphics, good sound effect and a fascinating plot. All this is what a gamer needs.
The game is in news as it is said to have an addictive effect on its users where they are unable to cut themselves from the virtual world for long hours. The main classic version of the game ends in almost 35 minutes if you survive your opponents. This does make it a time consumer .Moreover challenges within the game are received by users who need to fulfill them in order to increase their RP. This makes the users play for long hours and as the game is online you can in realistic mean voice chat with your friends and enemies.
The recent appeal by Jammu and Kashmir Students Association to Governor citing poor results due to PUBG is an effect of the PUBG fever. The game has more number of users in the Indian subcontinent and China than the rest of the world. However, what is at stake is the mental health of users.
But before we limit the game we can actually differentiate between users : chronic and acute.
Two weeks ago I deleted the game. I felt relieved from a psychological burden that it had become. But, is it a burden on the You Tubers and other gamers who earn from it?
The distinction we can set is clear: if the game is affecting activities of daily life , we should abstain from it there and then. If we are using the game to refresh our mind after long hours of work then it is good and we should keep it there.
Playing for long hours in the winter days intervenes with normal serotonin / NE levels which could lead to depression .Our social life gets affected by it when we spent time more in the virtual world than in the real.
The intense gaming attire stereotypically stimulates the sympathetic system and affects the normal cardiac mechanism. I have myself noticed dizziness and headache while playing this game. Over the time an increased heart rate due to this game can develop into a serious health disorder. The psychological effects are many mood swings, violent behavior, intolerance, frequent anguish and much more .
This is validated by Grossman & De Gaetano who state, “the effects of violent video games on young adults’ arousal levels, hostile feelings, and aggressive thoughts have been measured. Results indicated that college students who had played violent virtual reality game had a higher heart rate, reported more dizziness and nausea, and exhibited more aggressive thoughts in a posttest than those who had played a nonviolent game”
Debates are everywhere whether the game should be stopped or not. But what if we stop this game and another game comes in its wake. We have to judge taking this thing into consideration that PUBG is not the only game in the market and not everyone is affected (some people avoid this game).The not debated thing about the game is that how to break its menace. Banning PUBG is no answer as there would come many more tech giants in future with a similar effect. Perhaps we should train young minds to avoid all such thing that in the long run could degrade their productivity. Health should always be our priority and if something is affecting all its aspects then we should leave it.
If you have been a PUBG player or you still are one, don’t feel sorry .Let’s forget this game and forgive ourselves and let’s concentrate on something that is productive and sensible.
The times have changed; they say when going gets tough, the tough gets going .We should preview the gaming in virtual world threat to our health, both physical and mental. The Doctor’s Association Kashmir has already referred the game as ‘spoiler of the future ‘, citing its addiction as more dangerous than drug abuse.
If I can leave this game why can’t you?

The author, a Nursing Orderly at SKIMS Bemina, can be reached