‘Fruit Master Agro Fresh’ to produce pre-stressed poles in Kashmir

‘Fruit Master Agro Fresh’ to produce pre-stressed poles in Kashmir
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SHOPIAN: Fruit Master Agro Fresh, one of the leading horticulture-related companies, signed a treaty with Contec group, an Italian company known for manufacturing horticultural machinery for producing pre-stressed support system for M9 apple plantation which earlier was being imported from Italy with heavy duties and taxes.
Contec support system is a cemented pole equipped with high tension stretchable wires which is being considered the most efficient and strong support system in the world.
Izhan Javeed, CEO, Fruit Master Agro Fresh told Kashmir Reader that earlier they were importing these products from Italy with heavy duties and taxes. “We are fortunate to announce that with this Italian technology we will manufacture these support systems in Kashmir and this system has more life compared to the steel and wooden support system,” he said, adding that this Contec support system has life span of over 50 years and we can use them for two generations of M9 plantation.
The officials of the company said that earlier they imported the support system from Italy but it often was tiresome as the products after customs and duties reached Valley with delay leading to delay in plantation. “We tied-up with Contec to produce it locally so those people who want to shift from traditional to high density of apple plantation can get easy access to it that too on cheaper rates and without any delay,” he said, adding the wooden support system has less life and steel support system too rots in the soil.
“This cement pole contains high tension wires which have tendency to stretch and resist heavy winds and snowfall,” he added.
M9 apple breed according to the company CEO, has a tendency to produce five times more than the traditional apple trees and has more demand in Valley. M9 rootstocks, used in high density orchards, require support as they are dwarfing root stocks that are trained to produce more fruit than wood. Globally, pre-stressed concrete poles are used in support structure due their high resistance, tensile strength and reasonable cost.
The poles are installed without any concrete and are expected to last for more than 50 years.
Contec group is the leading manufacturer of machinery for manufacture of pre-stressed concrete poles in the world. “We have been working with Fruit Master for the last one year to adjust our machine to the local conditions, finally after one year we have achieved our target and we are very pleased to collaborate with Fruit Master, said Mataoui, Marketing Head of Contec Group. Faisal Burza, Managing Director of the group said that “with this collaboration we have solved a long standing obstacle in development of high density orchards in Kashmir, hopefully this will help us to make our horticulture industry globally competitive,” he said.
“Our company focuses on quality that is the reason we have decided to use pre-stressed concrete poles instead of wooden or steel poles,” said Uzair Javeed, Project Head of the Pre-Harvest division. Fruit Master Agro Fresh has been at the forefront of innovation in the state horticulture sector and this new development is yet another feather in its cap.