Bijbehara residents aghast at apathy of the local municipal committee

Bijbehara residents aghast at apathy of the local municipal committee
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Garbage remains piled for days, dumped in open

Bijbehara: The residents, here in Bijbehara town of Anantnag, are aghast over the ever piling heaps of garbage littered around the town and the subsequent dumping of this garbage in open on the town outskirts.
The Municipal Committee Bijbehara (MCB) has been found letting the garbage pile up amid residential areas, for days at a stretch. Even when the garbage is cleared from the residential areas it is being dumped in the open, on the outskirts of the town, right next to the local Government Degree College.
The residents, Kashmir Reader talked to, said that the big dumping bins wherein the garbage can be temporary kept for subsequent dumping are nowhere to be seen in the town.
“In absence of these bins the MCB collects the garbage out in the open at public places like right outside the local Jama Masjid, outside the Mughal Garden, along the National Highway and right at the gate of a public park in new colony,” the residents lamented.
They said that the MCB takes days to clear these sites, leading to extreme inconvenience to the locals.
“You can understand what piles of garbage can do to your neighborhood. We are witnessing an ever increasing number of stray dogs. Besides, there is always the health threat to children and elderly,” the residents said.
They alleged that the MCB has been dumping all this garbage in open near GDC in Khaish-Taing locality, on the outskirts of the town.
“The only thing MCB has managed to do in all these years is erect a tin fence around this dumping site, making the filth invisible to the locals. But the garbage is there and it is causing the problems it does, with a tin fence or without it,” the residents said.
Chairperson of the Municipal Council Bijbehara, Shaheena Nadaf admitted that the MCB has been dumping the garbage in the open.
“I have written to the director and asked to at least provide us with some scientific ways of disposing off the garbage-of not a proper dumping site,” she said.
Nadaf said that the MCB has been provided with the large bins for temporary storage of garbage but there are no vehicles to tow these bins.
“As a result the bins are not being utilized and are lying idle in the MCB office yard. I have been raising the issue at concerned quarters but so far nothing has been done,” Nadaf said.