‘People’s Governor’ Malik pledges ‘intense outreach’

‘People’s Governor’ Malik pledges ‘intense outreach’
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Jammu: Donning the role of “people’s governor”, Satya Pal Malik has made “intense outreach” his new year’s resolution, he told PTI in an interview.
“Of course, it will be a year for reaching out to the people of J&K, particularly youths (of Kashmir). I opened the Raj Bhavan for the people of J&K when I assumed office,” Malik said.
He made the remarks in reply to a query on his new year’s resolution.
“Our aim is not to kill militants. I want not even a single person (militant) to be killed. We want them back to the mainstream,” Malik said.
“We want to create such a narrative that people do not get angry and take to guns. We are tightening the administration, so that there is no atrocity or injustice to any innocent person,” he said.
The army, police and security forces have been given clear directions to exercise restraint during encounters, he said. However, he cautioned people against rushing to encounter sites and hindering operations against terrorists, saying if someone hurls a bomb or fires at the government forces, they will be under compulsion to retaliate.
“It is simple. Goli chalaogey to goli chalegi, koi guldasta to milega nahi (If you fire bullet, you will get bullet in return, not bouquet),” Malik said.
“The political leaders should reach out to the public and tell them that they should not rush to the encounter sites to avoid causalities,” he said.
Lauding the governor’s outreach plan, Raj Bhavan officials told PTI that many a time visitors arrive after calling up the governor directly and fixing an appointment with him.