In garb of remedial classes private schools running during vacations in south Kashmir

In garb of remedial classes private schools running during vacations in south Kashmir
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Anantnag: Most of the private schools, here in south Kashmir, are running unregistered coaching centers within the premises of their schools, brazenly violating the norms under which they are supposed to remain closed during the government announced winter vacations.
“The only difference being, the students do not wear uniforms and school buses are not being used to ferry children,” sources in the Education department told Kashmir Reader.
Earlier, only a few schools used to indulge in this malpractice. Now, however, almost all private schools in the Southern region of Kashmir are up and running during winter vacations.
“And they are not even hard to spot. The officials just need to get out of their cosy offices and visit these schools,” the sources said.
Many parents, Kashmir Reader talked to, said that the school administrations have been forcing them to send their wards for these so called “remedial classes”
“Otherwise, our children have to face the wrath of the school administration after the vacations are over. The students get punished by getting lower grades or indifference towards them by the teachers,” a parent from Anantnag town told Kashmir Reader.
The parents lament that these coaching centers do as they wish and charge as much they want to, as the regular norms do not apply to these centers.
“The authorities had taken a positive step and asked these private schools not to take tuition fees during winters. Now they are earning more than what they used to during winters by holding these centers in their schools,” the parents lament.
Moreover, these schools do not have necessary heating arrangements for the students, “who are forced to study there during harsh winters,”
Kashmir Reader talked to Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Directorate of School Education, Imtiyaz Ahmad, who said that these were “remedial classes” and the schools need to get prior permission for holding these classes.
“The Director can provide you the further information on this,” the PRO said.
Director School Education, Dr Ghulam Nabi Ittoo, could not be contacted for a comment despite repeated attempts.