Missing answer scripts: JKBOSE, students trade blame

Missing answer scripts: JKBOSE, students trade blame
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SRINAGAR: The results of several candidates in the recently declared Class 12 annual board Board examinations have been withheld by the J&K State Board of School Education (JKBOSE) citing “unfair means” in the examination, as their answer scripts are said to be untraceable.
The Board says the candidates “fled” with the answer scripts of papers on which they indulged in “cheating”. The candidates, however, blame the Board for losing track of the answer scripts and ask why they should suffer for the board’s “negligence”.
Days before the results were declared, the JKBOSE had published a list of roll numbers reported to have used “unfair means” in the examination. It had also asked the students listed to report at the board’s Bemina office.
Kaiser, a resident of Khumina, Baharabad, enrolled at Hajin Higher Secondary in North Kashmir’s Bandipore district, is one such candidate whose result has been withheld. The board has accused him of having fled with his Physics paper.
However, Kaiser, who gave his papers at Government Higher Secondary School Naidkhai, alleged that the JKBOSE had misplaced his answer script and was now putting the blame on him.
He rejected the claim that he had taken the answer script with him and suggested that the board should hold the concerned superintendent accountable.
Another student from Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, whose result has been withheld on similar grounds, asked why the JKBOSE did not call him to the office immediately after the particular paper.
He also denied the board’s allegations that he had fled with his answer script.
Convener of the JKBOSE’s Unfair Means Committee, Mohammad Arif Akhoon, however told Kashmir Reader that the committee comes to know about the list of the candidates involved in use of unfair means in the examination “only when the evaluation is completed”.
He said that the committee takes a call only after taking into account the version of “all the supervisory staff, including the concerned superintendent”.
Secretary JKBOSE Riyaz Ahmad said that at times “a candidate goes to the bathroom, drops the answer script and leaves”.
“There are cases like that. I don’t know what has happened in a particular case,” he however acknowledged.
“Such candidates, due to the fear of being caught, misplace their answer sheets,” he added.
The Unfair Means Committee, which has examination superintendents, inspectors besides officials from the JKBOSE, “doesn’t take arbitrary decisions”, Riyaz said.
“The committee reaches to a conclusion after thorough investigation.”
He said that there are instances where candidates are let off after they are proven innocent on investigation.