Effects of Video Games on Kashmir’s Young Generation

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There are many video games, which are becoming popular that are being played with great enthusiasm in the nook and corner of Kashmir valley particularly by the youth; they no more prefer to go to playgrounds because of growing games addiction among them.
Now a days, the valley’s young generation specially the school kids are playing these games each and every day with little focus on salubrious and healthy things or work, as they usually love to play these for hours with full pace and confidence. More time is being given to playing games than reading books or any other activities.
After talking to some video game players regarding the rules of game, i came to know that most of the “games are multi-player online shooter games on android phones, which allow large number players to play each other at a time, where they search for weapons and other resources in an effort to become winner of a particular game.”
As the games are, day by day , reaching to the heights in valley and are motivating more and more youth to get involved into it, parents seems to be very much concerned as the career of their wards may be affected on account of this addiction
Experts believe that these games corrupt the attention of players and make them addicted. They add that just like other addictions, “Playing video games on a daily basis constitutes severe addiction as it usually keep individuals away from all the useful activities, which activates and nourishes them.”
The players, however, are not ready to give up these games as they have gotten addicted to it and believe that “games satisfy them and make them excited”, which is a matter of serious concern and should be looked into.
As per experts, children who play more such games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and decreased tendency in helping others, which may have severe consequences in the future, if its increasing rate will not be checked on time.
The games apparently isolate players from society besides snatching sleep from them. At the same time, the players spend less time on other activities such as reading, sports, interacting with the family and friends and also they do not concentrate on their career as well, which is a matter of great concern.
Playgrounds of Kashmir valley are vacant now as mobile based games have shortened the activities of youth, which may keep them physically weak. There were days when players were roaming here and there in playgrounds which maintained their fitness levels. Now, by playing these games, their fitness level may decrease and also stress level may increase by staying at the same place for hours on end.
To restore the normal activities of youth, awareness programmes must be organized in the nooks and corners of Kashmir valley, particularly in schools and Higher secondary schools. The experts there must spread a message that real games are real and keep players fit, physically and mentally.
Besides this, parents should also play an important role in controlling this menace because an increase in this trend will affect their children negatively.
To conclude, I can say that playing video games is only wastage of time and disturbance of mind for the youth. Therefore, I recommend games like cricket, volleyball, football, Kho Kho and badminton for them in real playgrounds, where they can rub their shoulders with others and remain mentally active and physically fit.

—The author can be reached at: rjbasharat94@gmail.com