Don’t Look for Moss on a Rolling Stone

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As the assembly elections of 2019 are around the corner, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti has once again started to use her old tactics to gain the sympathy of the people. She has started to visit the families of militants and shed some tears with them. It should not be seen as a surprise because she has done this in the past too.
She used the same strategy before 2014 assembly elections for gaining the ground which was slowly and stealthily drifting from the grip of National Conference. She used to visit the militant families in far off places and offer condolences over the demise of their wards. In the mass agitation of 2010, when over 120 civilians were killed in the N.C led government, she used to wail in the assembly and throw her torso anywhere on the road in Srinagar city where there would be a good media presence to make the people believe that she is their true savior.
Mehbooba did not leave the home of anyone unvisited among the victims of the gory year of 2010 but what happened in 2016 when her party was in power was not that important for her then
In 2009, she was seen on the roads holding the pictures of Asiya and Neelofer and many a times broke down in the assembly while demanding justice for the duo. All this appeared to be a drama which subdued subsequently after the PDP came to power in 2014. The killing cycle which was left incomplete by N.C was carried forward by her government and her tear springs slowly dried down.
The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir S.P Malik rightly termed Mehbooba’s recent visits to the deceased families in Pulwama and Shopian as her political compulsion where she demanded the action against the harassment of the militant families. There is not an iota of sympathy and generosity visible in her visits but political gimmickry.
One wonders about the fickle nature of Mehbooba Mufti which changes faster than the weather in Kashmir. She is synonymous with the rolling stone which scarcely gets moss over it. The sympathy for the militants and their families evoked in her should not be taken as a surprise because the long history of inscrutable politics with the trail of betrayals is before the people.
Miss Mufti claims that all this was done for the care of children who were pushed towards the army camps and police stations by some people for their vested interests. But when a child does something wrong, he should be rebuked and refrained from repeating the same activity. Moreover some concrete steps and initiatives should be taken to halt these steps. This is called care. Not an arrogant remark of “Has he gone to fetch the toffee!” Where is care in this remark for the children who are consumed on the daily basis? The care was never visible in the five years of the PDP regime. They commenced government by ditching the people when they allied with BJP in 2014. They took the mandate of people to keep BJP out of the state and later on joined hand with the same party to form the government. All they cared about was the chair and scarcely gave a hoot about the people who voted them to power. The condition of the local populace during their regime remained the same as in NC led government (rather worsened a bit). They drastically failed to lead the people out of this conundrum. And, their only concern now is to regain the faith of the people in their party. Apologies, visits and martyr remarks are nothing. There is lot more to come.

— The author is a student of English Literature at Aligarh Muslim University. He hails from Frisal Kulgam and can be reached at: