2 Kashmiri doctors nominated for Vijay Narain, Kalu Ram

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Memorial awards

Srinagar: Two Kashmiri doctors have been nominated for Vjay Narain and Kalu Ram Memorial award for their research work.
Dr. Abdul Rouf (postgraduate research scholar) and Dr Sheikh Mohd Saleem (demonstrator) from the Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Srinagar have been nominated for conducting research on Tuberoses and Type-2 diabetes.
Dr. Abdul Rouf has conducted research on Tuberculosis patients with depression, which was conducted in Srinagar and Ganderbal districts.
As per the researcher, the study was conducted for two years and more than 50% of the Tuberculosis (TB) patients were found to be having moderate to severe Depression.
Last year he was nominated for the same award for his research work on Hypertension and its relation with waist circumference In Kashmiri population
Dr. Saleem has done research on Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus among adults population of district Srinagar where he found more than 9% adult population suffering from diabetes and a significant association of risk factors like age, body mass Index, junk food, chocolate & soft drink consumption, family history of diabetes, hypertension and smoking with that of diabetes mellitus.