Faesal ready for polls, but keeps cards close to chest

Faesal ready for polls, but keeps cards close to chest
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SRINAGAR: After quitting Indian bureaucracy “in protest” over “unabated killings” in the Valley, IAS officer Shah Faesal, on Friday, said that he can’t play in the hands of ‘deep state’ because he has “enough qualification to defeat them”. “In fact I can use them, but deep state cannot use me,” said Faesal, at his first presser, after he called it a day at IAS, and decided to join mainstream politics.
Faesal announced that he would contest the coming elections, but declined, for now, to say if he was joining any political party. “I believe parliamentary and assembly is an important space. We need well-meaning people there,” he said.
Ever since he qualified the exam with flying colors, Faesal has been projected as a ‘role model’ for Valley youth, by Indian media and politicians, and has been pitted against youth picking up guns.
Faesal also put to rest any suggestions of joining the resistance politics in Kashmir.
“I will like to work within the system and use my skills to do better governance. I am not trained to do politics. Hurriyat does not give me that opportunity because they don’t believe in electoral politics. So I won’t join the Hurriyat at the movement,” Faesal added.
Earlier, Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Omar Farooq had welcomed his resignation from bureaucracy “to protest unabated killings of Kashmiris”.
In a tweet Mirwaiz also had a suggestion for him.
“Hope his outrage over killings and his sentiment that #KashmiriLivesMatter guide his choice of politics and gets reflected in representing his people’s collective deep driving desire of right to self-determination and their relentless struggle and sacrifice in achieving it – also the reason behind killings and repression on them by the state,” the Hurriyat leader had said in his tweet.
Even though Faesal put the suggestion of joining Hurriyat to rest, he maintained that Hurriyat has a role to play.
“We don’t know whether they (Hurriyat) win or not. It is wrong to presume that Hurriyat has no role to play in our state. I value the suggestion of Hurriyat of joining them,” he said.
Faesal has not decided on which political party to join, because he wants to “see the momentum of the youth” and take the decision accordingly. For him the reasons are that the moment one launches his own party, people believe it is sponsored by agencies, if elections are contested independently he is projected as an agency person. He also said that if one joins existing party, then people have problem with that.
“So I have to do things differently. I am an idealist, who never wants to settle but explore. Mine way may not work, but I will continue to strive. There is no life without success and failure. The narrative created by existing parties that things can be resolved through development has not worked. I am attempting to create niche for myself,” he added.
“My future plans depend after talking to youth and other stakeholders of the state. We will reach to consensus before taking the final decision,” he said.
“I would like to use parliament an important and useful tool of engagement for bringing solution to our state,” he claimed. “I will make people believe that it is a credible institution and not to destroy people.”