Shah Faesal: I am a man of system, would change things by being in the system

Shah Faesal: I am a man of system, would change things by being in the system
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Srinagar: Kashmir’s IAS topper Shah Faesal Friday termed his resignation a “small act of defiance” and ruled out joining any political party. He said he has not decided on joining any existing political set-up in the state.

Addressing an overcrowded presser in Srinagar, Faesal said: “I will listen to the youngsters and meet the stakeholders before moving ahead.”

“I am protesting against lack of credible political initiative by the Govt of India. It is important that right to life of Kashmiri people is respected,” he said.

Welcoming Hurriyat conference (M) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s comment on his resignation, Faesal said: “I am a man from the system and I would be happy to change things by being in the system. Hurriyat doesn’t give me that opportunity as they don’t believe in electoral politics,” he said.

Mirwaiz had tweeted: “Welcome the stand to resign by @ShahFaesal to protest unabated killing of Kashmiris by GOI. Hope his outrage over killings and his sentiment that #KashmiriLivesMatterguide his choice of politics and gets reflected in representing his people’s collective deep driving desire of right to self-determination and their relentless struggle and sacrifice in achieving it – also the reason behind killings and repression on them by the state.”

The 2009 IAS topper said that it was time to reimagine politics in Kashmir. He also hit out at the forces whom he said were pitting one region of the state against another.

“I see myself as a addition and not as an alternative to mainstream politics in Kashmir. I will use narrative that echoes sentiment of the people,” he said.

Talking about the rise of mob lynching nationalism in India, Faesal said that it has led to my discomfort. “I’m disgruntled the way institutions like RBI, CBI, NIA have been misused. Due to service rules conduct I could not have spoken about these issues. I feel relieved by speaking up.”

He said that the mainstream politics have to be reimagined in Kashmir and that is why I won’t join any political party for now and go to grassroots to people.

Faesal said that it is time to disrupt the politics in India and in Kashmir. “I’m deeply impressed by Imran Khan, Arvind Kejriwal but we live in a conflict zone. I’d be happy to replay Imran and Kejriwal.”

He said that in Kashmir the political parties are dealing with municipal problems and the military is dealing with political problems.