Notes on the Real Meaning of Success

Notes on the Real Meaning of Success
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By Adil Rashid Bhatt

According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of success is:”The achievement of a goal, aim, purpose or mission, attainment of wealth, prosperity, fame or social status”. From the mainstream standard dictionary meaning of success we can infer that success is all about achieving a goal, aim, wealth, fame and social status. But , this is not always true; these aspects might be to some extent a part of a successful life ,but certificate not the only yardsticks to measure success. Usually, what people follow is this standard definition of success, overlooking other many important aspects or characteristics.
Consider an example. People tend to think that hoarding wealth ,possessing a car, having multiple bank accounts ,and other assorted superfluous luxurious possessions makes one a successful person; if you are one among those who thinks along these lines then you are up for an unpleasant surprise.( As a matter of fact, you scripting a damning delinquency for your life, or at least future). Success has different connotations for different people; whether one is successful or not is entirely up to him or her to decide. That is why one should ardently construe meaning of success in his or her own mindscape, and not tread the beaten and superficial version of it.
Health or the lack thereof, is a tangible factor if one is to consider serious success. Will you call a rich coughing person, one who coughs relentlessly at every three or four hour interval, a truly successful person? I doubt. How can a person endowed with possessions in millions be called as a truly successful if he languishes himself in an office room or Mercedes, and suffers from permanent back pain? How can you afford a generalized definition of success, and yet treat your body badly?
Just because Epicureanism has eaten away man’s spirit, he thinks possession of money and tangibles like buildings, cars, gardens, water pools and plots is all that success is about. He relishes in euphoria of being a great achiever. But this castle of glass soon crumbles when he fathoms the shortcomings of being rich worldly wise ,and a niggard spiritually; when his health fails him, and it becomes difficult for him to even breathe with tranquility without taking a pause on a morning walk.
Then the reality dawns upon him that his status and wealth could not buy him success, and that he was not pursuing the “de facto” goal of success, but someone else’s!
Drowning in despondence with a doleful heart he realizes that it is happiness and health which are the real key to success. He realizes that a successful person is one who chooses his own path ,listens to his heart without trying to emulate someone else’s dreams. Success is how you overcome all odds that life throws against you, and tread a tranquil path without harming people who meet you on that path, and without fanning social anxiety.
Being healthy and happy open the avenues of success ,and you better know how to be like that. Get enough sleep, offer prayers regularly, and scuttle futile aimless browsing on the internet.
The next step to become successful is to grow exponentially every day. Learn from the past, and rectify your shortcomings in present to year for a better future. Be successful in your outer world and at home. You are not a truly successful person if you pretend to be hotshot personality outside. n office or at work place, and yet the plight of your home is in shambles; if you treat ,out of compulsions or showoff, people with spendthrift hands outside, be generous on your family also. Treat them kindly.
If every day passes without throwing something fruitful in our kitty we certainly lack agency to become successful. Learning something new, may be a skill, technique, lessons on science, literature, history and so on everyday complemented by growth-growth of one’s mindscape, ones evolution to become a better human being- is key to success. One can have his wealth invested in new innovations, knowledge, or in projects that have a long lasting optimism as a premise; this wealth, if it ushers in a paradigm shift for better can be named as success. For a better tomorrow one needs to make his present better by positive actions. So, optimism, and not pessimism, is integral to learning, growth and success.
Purpose in life is another important premise on which to build the edifice of success. We ought to wish for light at the end of tunnel. In bleak times, when every anchor you were holding on seems unwinding, one has no option but to keep sight of the purpose to achieve success. Once you twirl your eyes you will lose the sight of the purpose and are finished. So make the most of your life on this earth, and influence others to become better. Be an inspiration for progress and optimism. The vague notion of purpose in us is an impediment to optimistic lifestyle, and consequently success, which shall be overcome, and shown the door. Live your life as if you are supposed to live for a few days. Antagonizing one’s self harms your bright futuristic prospects that future may hold for you.
So, in my perspective success is the consistent pursuit of knowledge, truth, happiness, health, growth, and purpose. It is a continuous process of struggle which should motivate one to not lose sight of hope, but chase it, because you are striving, not for worldly pursuits only, but to sit on the highest pedestal of humanity with an impeccable heart.

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