Winter break announceed, KU locks out students as it closes hostels

Winter break announceed, KU locks out students as it closes hostels
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Never happened before, say stunned hostelers

SRINAGAR: Despite charging a significant amount for its hostel facility, the University of Kashmir has “unprecedentedly” shut its hostels to students, much to the latter’s’ inconvenience.
The students alleged that officials at KU have “forcibly” made them vacate their hostel rooms by snapping the water and power supply at the hostels.
One of the aggrieved students, who is pursuing an LLM at the KU Law Department and is staying at the varsity’s MAK hostel, told Kashmir Reader that it was “for the first time” that the university had closed the hostels for the students in winter.
The university’s allegedly forcing its students to vacate hostel rooms in the ongoing winter entails other hardships for them as they cannot avail of the library and internet facilities for which they paid in advance.
The LLM student said that he has already paid Rs 30,000 last year for the hostel facility alone.
“Some of my mates have paid an even bigger amount. I have paid Rs 1,000 as library fees and an almost equal amount in internet charges for a year. I need books and internet for my studies. Where will I get them from?” he asked.
While they would enjoy an uninterrupted power supply at the hostel rooms, a hosteller from South Kashmir said he was currently facing difficulty at his village in the absence of electricity.
Due to the “forcible” closure of the hostels, many students have had their belongings locked up inside the rooms, alleged a student.
“I also have my books inside the room, but they have locked up the rooms,” he said.
The students alleged that the university had “put our careers at stake”.
A student said that the varsity had closed the hostels on the pretext of the recently announced winter vacation.
“Seems like it is a military garrison as they forcibly implemented the orders. We don’t have a say in anything,” he alleged.
Calling it an “arbitrary action”, a student said, “This is the first time they have done this. There is no such precedent before.”
Admitting that hostels at the varsity had been closed for students, Provost Boys Hostels KU Prof G N Khaki however told Kashmir Reader that the rooms were open for scholars.
Prof Khaki cited the freezing of the water supply pipes for the closure of the hostels.