‘Flawed educational setup’ decried among reasons for poor Class 12 results in Bandipora

‘Flawed educational setup’ decried among reasons for poor Class 12 results in Bandipora
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Triggers debate on social media

BANDIPORA: As the Class 12 results declared Monday drew concern from various quarters, with officials terming them the worst in a decade, North Kashmir’s Bandipora district too had scores of people taking to social media to express their concern and resentment.
According to the official data, only 1,445 candidates were announced successful out of a total 3,971 who appeared for the examination’s 2018 session. The district’s lowest percentage was seen in Gurez division, followed by Bandipora with 37 percent qualifying, while Sonawari division witnessed a moderate improvement at 40.39. The total distinction holders among the qualifiers were 194.
With Bandipora district consistently witnessing lower pass percentages over the past few years and with it also falling in its overall literacy rate, the reults have sent shockwaves among educated persons of the district. Declaring that they are not willing to take this trend, several have made reference to how Bandipora has provided many renowned scholars known across the globe and how it was once honoured with ilm (education), an asset which netizens have clung to as a sacred duty over many years.
Expressing his resentment, Haris Bhat, a physics postgraduate from Bandipora, said, ” I don’t know who to blame, but someone has to take a step towards the restoration of the ‘ilm’ tag once given to Bandiporians.”
Reacting along similar lines, an MBBS student, Danish Khan, said, “I feel very disheartened at the moment… my request to the all elite persons who have taken the responsibility of teaching students must equip [themselves with] new ways or modify the ways to teach the students… so that in coming years, the ilm tag is restored.”
As many showed resentment, social media was also abuzz with critics. A youth wrote, “A society [whose] intellectuals and toppers sit in Srinagar to deliver their knowledge, what will happen to that society?”
Reacting to all this, another user chose to level specific charges. “Physics lecturer who gave only 10 % result and also action be taken against the CEO Bandipora who ignored our complaints which we made against the said teacher for not giving classes.”
Another social media post read: “Our society has been ruined and the Education system is flawed… Our schools claim to prepare students for the future but in reality that doesn’t happen…”
Naseer Iqbal, an assistant professor in Physics from Bandipora at Kashmir University, said in a post, “…yes we are loosing the tag of Alim, Aadab and aaab. We as a whole society are responsible for this. Tell me how many times the elite class of Bandipora met and discussed the objectives…. Invite the students along with their parents, guide them properly, counsel them, show them a right path. I am ready to take a lead and invite people for counselling.”
Providing words of reassurance, Javid Parsa, a renowned entrepreneur from Bandipora, stepped up to tell students and parents to not lose heart. Taking to social media, he said that marks had never played any role in his success in being the founder of the state’s largest food chain.
“I, Javid Parsa, the founder of J&K’s largest food chain Parsa’s, have secured 52% in 10th, 48% in bachelors and 53% in masters degree and now happily selling Kathi Rolls across my state. Marks never defined me and never played any kind of role in bringing me to where I am today.
Dear parents, please take a note!”