JKEEGA convenes executive council meet

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Extends support to 2 days nationwide tool down

SRINAGAR: JKEEGA convened a meeting of Executive Council to discuss the present power scenario of the country at Engineering Complex Bemina here.
According to a statement, the meeting was held under the chairmanship of Er Pirzada Hidayatullah, Joint Secretary All India Power Engineers Federation and General Secretary JKEEGA.
The council extended full support to the All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) which has called for 2 days nationwide Tool Down on 8th and 9th of January 2019 against the privatization/franchising in power sector, it said.
“The Executive Council is of the view that the long term power purchase agreements should be reviewed particularly the condition off take or pay for capacity charges are removed. IPPs should be free to sell the power in market instead of charging fixed charges from state without generating or supplying a single unit of electricity as per deemed generation clause,” the statement said.
Moreover, it said, excess addition of power capacity by private sector power stations has led to backing down of state thermal power plants. “The main factor responsible for this is eliminating the role of central electricity authority (CEA) for examining the justification and economic rationale in new capacity addition, under the Electricity Act 2003. The role of power planning and CEA has been and is being eliminated and replaced by market forces,” it said.
The Council feels that the demands of the engineers and employees are just and genuine and the present bill if passed will have irreparable consequences for the power sector in general and a power consumer in particular, the statement reads.