An Open Letter to Honorable Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University

An Open Letter to Honorable Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University
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Dear Sir: With great reverence and regard, I would like to bring a grave issue regarding the administrative failure of University’s examination wing. I hope you will spare sometime from your busy schedule to go through this letter.
The University of Kashmir was meant to expand the avenues and enhance higher education in conflict torn valley, but it remains mired in a procedural and bureaucratic morass. In the 2015 academic session, the initiation of the semester system under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced on modern lines, to cope up with the newly approved higher education policy reforms. But, the ironical condition is that, it proved detrimental in terms of delayed degrees, delay in re-evaluation process, delay in conduct of examinations and so on, on account of which students with bundles of hope were left high and dry.
Moreover, the recently conducted 4th semester Under Graduate examination has shocked everybody, as most of the degree colleges in Kashmir division had not received the question papers of some skill oriented programs. After a hue and cry by students, the college authorities somehow managed to establish contact with the University’s controller examinations, who later forwarded the question papers to constituent colleges via social networking sites (most of these being out of syllabus). This fact is clearly evident, that the officials at the university’s examination wing are always making a mockery, by forwarding scanned copies of question papers. The controller examinations of Kashmir University, being a designated official is promising the college authorities for taking a soft note during evaluation of such answer scripts that had been published out of syllabus.
The Undergraduate students are presently been at logger heads with the university over numerous issues, from the day of admission. The condition of these students is desperate for all to see, especially in terms of examination system. The successive regimes at University of Kashmir have always set a trend of adjusting influential people on top brass, without considering their ability and Annual Progress Reports (APR’s). By taking recourse to red-tapism and favoritism, the condition of academics and research programs at University of Kashmir is ailing nowadays. I wonder on what basis, the University of Kashmir in previous academic session was listed in top 50 Universities in India, by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). If the authorities of (NIRF) will witness such a failure, they will definitely suggest you to take a back seat.
Students now are caught in this antiquated maze of an exclusivist administrative mindset. A large number of students who belong to poor and middle class families are admitted in a number of under Graduate non-professional programs, can’t all go outside the state and choose a reputed institute to forward their career paths. The University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), have always time and again grilled the Kashmir University authorities to give impetus to dying academic scenario at Kashmir University.
The responsibility completely lies on you to adopt a humane approach towards students of the conflict torn valley. I suggest that officials that are negligent must be put under the scanner, and if found guilty must face the music; such officials are in a deep slumber and are only churning the cream from their salaries and promotions, on account of which our academic standards are now in a pathetic state. Being an Honorable Vice Chancellor, it is a core responsibility of you to stem the rot at this institution, which is the highest seat of learning and prevent its descent into darkness. However, besides this larger issue, something needs to be conveyed to the general public, at large, from your side: what is the logic behind forwarding scanned copies of question papers?

—The author is a freelance Journalist and a member of the J&K RTI Foundation. He can be reached at: