Missing Srinagar youth had wanted to go on second Umrah within a year

Missing Srinagar youth had wanted to go on second Umrah within a year
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SRINAGAR: No one in the family of Danish Hanief, the 22-year-old who went missing from home in Natipora Srinagar on December 30, has a clue where he could have gone.
“His departure will bring doom to the family,” said Yasmeena, Danish’s distraught mother. “Everyone is worried about him. His aunts, his uncles, all have given up daily routines of life. Some cry over his absence, others go from one place to another to find him. If he will not come, we will all die. We want him to return, and bring life back to where it was.”
Danish is the eldest of Yasmeena and Muhammad Hanief’s two children. All their hopes of elevating their standard of life rested on him. According to Yasmeena, Danish was never dictated to by them for any of his choices. He chose to study commerce against his parents’ wishes, but they never interfered with his decision.
Danish had a liking for raising birds at home, they said. A few months ago he had shown interest in a rare species of pigeons, and had gone to Jammu to get them.
He also had an aquarium and in his childhood was an avid footballer. Last year in March, he asked his parents to take him on Umrah, religious travel to Mecca. They agreed, and in the same month they sent him, for one month, a trip longer than the usual of nine days.
“And then came the fateful day. He went to offer Zuhr (midday) prayers in the local mosque, and never returned. Some day before he disappeared, he had asked his father to sent him on another Umrah. We had agreed. He even talked to a travel operator who told him that it would charge him more thus time But we were ready to pay,” said Yasmeena.
Danish, according to his mother, was fun-loving but a silent boy. In 2015 he was picked up by police but later let go. There was nothing after that, Yasmeena said
“I appeal him to return. I appeal to those who know where he is to send him back. He is innocent. Come home, Danish, I am waiting for you,” she said with moist eyes.