To Recover its Pristine and Undiluted Moral Form, We Need a Revolution in Education

To Recover its Pristine and Undiluted Moral Form, We Need a Revolution in Education
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A highly respectable retired lecturer in my vicinity explains his entry into the education department as a teacher some 50 years ago: “Those were the times when acquisition of government jobs was not a big dream. The fact is that the jobs themselves were in search of educated candidates who were scarce and, nowadays, plenty of qualified youth yearn for these jobs today but they are no more available”
.The said lecturer, being an efficient young man with a considerable degree (B.A), received two job offers one, from the Jammu and Kashmir bank , and the other from the education department to join as a clerk or a teacher respectively .He had applied and qualified for both. Having simultaneous two offers at his disposal, he preferred to join the bank because of his long standing longing for it. On the very first day, the young man was appalled when confronted with a situation that turned his first day into the last. The manager of his branch office caught hold of one of his subordinates by the neck and dragged him out insultingly. The poor employee was serving the customers on the counter and his mistake was only to calm down the furious customer bursting impatiently.
The other day of the affronted incumbent (lecturer)was in a school nearby where the education officer (T.E.O)sought his permission first to enter the classroom. The teacher was impressed and began to sense the moral taste of the noble profession. This was the occasion when he decided to work in the education department for ever and said goodbye to his long cherished job in bank.
This is what education meant even not very long before. Etiquette, wisdom and extensive respect were not the bye products of education but the very essence of it .Education and educators were the real apostles of wisdom and nobility; they were associated to each other with sheer love, affection and compassion. The teacher was a benefactor, a compassionate guide and the maker of students’ life whereas the student was the embodiment of allegiance and obedience.
Both teachers and students commanded respect in society and their dignity was way above other social members. Schools, colleges and universities looked the real worship places. These institutions were meant to purify the soul and socialize the body and bejewel the new generation with the ornaments of education. School pass outs were well groomed sane boys; graduates had been the ambassadors of culture and decency and the university postgraduates enjoyed the scholarly seat, the unquestioned leaders of almost all walks of life. They had been the trendsetters and were followed and imitated everywhere. Wherever they went, they filled the surrounding with the aura of wisdom. Every gesture and posture of their physique was a courtesy to all. Not only the parents but the people of homeland felt proud and delighted being the close recipients of benevolence and services of those educated figures. Those were the golden days when education served its primary function. Discipline and moral build was the hallmark of that education.
Au contraire, the present day institutions are the places where all the people, teachers and students look mere actors assuming their role unwillingly. These institutions are the factories where the insane monsters, arrogant beasts, culturally barren ,morally rinsed and technically unfit puppets are manufactured out of the learners registered therein.. Neither the teachers know the worth and sanctity of their profession nor the students are conditioned to exhibit the manners ,restraint and discipline .Enormous school buildings ,awfully sprawled college and university complexes are overcrowded with hordes of pupils return with nothing but brute nature, crude manners, mean thinking ,shattered confidence ,rude behaviors and fickle minds.
.One wonders whether these institutions impart or increase academic brilliance or intellectual efficiency among students. But, the result is quite opposite. We get incompetent officers, crooked bureaucrats, Machiavellian politicians ,dishonest businessmen ,fraudulent engineers and blood sucking doctors but not the brilliant leaders who can make a breakthrough in art and sciences . We see the educated young men today not at service to society or parents but a burden on people’s shoulders .Worry is not that they are unemployed but the concern is that they are morally bankrupt , ,devoid of passion and patience and incapable of starting their own enterprise. It is because they are brought and taught up in such an atmosphere where they are morally assaulted, mentally crippled ,socially bullied and abused and where they repeat all in ditto towards the teachers.
Moreover, education and society are interdependent .Both interact and influence each other extensively .If education is supposed to open up the new vistas of knowledge and shape the society as per its cherished standards ,the society itself influences and impels
education to serve and procure according the norms and traditions in vogue. Education is also presumed to promote and reflect the values and collective conscience of society.
Is it imperative to reform or revamp education in order to serve the society in optimum or reshape the society as per the glorified standards of education? But, the question is, which one is more true ,more correct and more universal?.
The fact remains that the adoptions and adaptations are no help to revolutionize the education and educational system so as to make it bring forth moral and scholastic fruits. Revolution can’t be brought in piecemeal .It demands entire change.
The need of the hour is to hold one perfect world view and one view of life which is ultimately true, universally confirmed, simple and unequivocal whereby the whole education process with all its constituents be brought under revision. The view when taken firmly with all its essentials and impositions it will itself determine the principles of life and the principles of education. It will itself set forth the actual targets and will rediscover the whole mechanism thereof.
What actually is practiced so far is that some items borrowed from the west are accommodated in process here without any consideration that these items are the parts of an alien system and outlook which sees the things and life differently. The pedagogy of the west is secular in nature. The oriental temper is religious. So, the pedagogic items borrowed from the west can’t fit in perfectly here. With the result the pristine nature of education gets damaged and it falls victim to the catastrophic divide through the religious and secular minds. Madrassas and Idaraaz add to the new generation with religious fanatics and extremist mullahs oblivious to empirical sciences while as schools to universities produce pseudo scholars, slaves of stomach impressed with the west’s dazzling exterior .Whatever the consequences, it is however terribly obvious that our society continues to be in trauma as long as the education system goes to be out of track.