In Search of a Smile

In Search of a Smile
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Syed Iram Andrabi

The word, smile, even though, is very small but it affects one’s life to a great extent. The smile of a single person changes the whole world as it touches one’s inner core of the heart. It reflects the action of a person and makes the other one realize that they should even keep smile on their faces. We can buy great value of things at higher cost and make someone happy easily and even that person becomes our close friend / relative for some time. In my opinion, I can interact with unknown person simply not to buy a highly cost gift but buy a smile on my face is free of cost.
It is not easy to smile even if it seems so simple, one should know actually what this word indicates. It is sometimes used for only to show something; normally a person having a smile on his face is usually having broken heart , that is, he or she has so many problems but to show others that he or she is happy( here are only few person who understand the feeling of a person with smiley face).
I smile not because of my own happiness only but my close relatives around me makes smile on my face all the day and all the time. That smile is too effective that it makes a sad person happy. I lost this kind of smile a few days before and I cannot understand from where I may find it. My dear ones, smile now only to show others but that smile is not true. Sometimes I am getting confused whether it is a real smile or not.
Ya ALLAH: please help me to find that smile; You are the only one who shows me the right path always. I need that smile
True smile lies on the parents face and this gives us strength to live a happy life and makes it colorful. Now, I cannot get that smile as I have perhaps forgotten that. I am waiting for the day when I find that smile and perhaps a new phase of my life will start. Smile on the face of my parents is fake; I cannot bear it any more, as it hurts me a lot with tears coming out from my eyes( but I cannot show them to anybody).
My life is interesting only because when my parents are happy, they smile always and love me a lot but, today, they smile in order to see their children happy. I know they face a big problem today but I also face that problem and always pray to ‘Almighty Allah’ to solve our problems as soon as possible. The smile word has a great significance in my life and without it perhaps I may lost my own happiness. Ya ALLAH, please help me to find that smile so that I may live better life now onwards. I have hope for the best and I know that Allah has a better plan for all of us, but still I think something is missing and that is why “I am in search of a smile”.

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