Da’wah programme concludes at Gulmarg

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Gulmarg: At famous hill-resort, Gulmarg, Islamic Fraternity (IF) concluded their week-long winter Da’wah programme this week.
“During the program which lasted between December, 25, 2018, to January, 1, 2019, IF volunteers served traditional Kashmiri Kehwa to more than 1500 tourists, mostly non-Muslims, and conveyed to them the message of Islam,” the statement said.
The organization distributed Islamic literature including Hindi, English and Gujrati-translated versions of holy Qur’an, among the non-Muslim tourists in an attempt to clear the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims in their minds, it reads.
Dr. Shuaib Sayyed from Mumbai, who was invited by the organization as the main guest this year to oversee the program and to train the volunteers with Da’wah skills, actively participated in the program and propagated the message of Islam among the non-Muslim tourists.
The statement further said that president IF, Muhammad Aamir said that they have received a positive response from both, the locals and the tourists, for propagating the true message of Islam and distributing the Islamic literature among the non-Muslims.
He said that such programs will continue and that they’re planning to hold next program in coming summer at another tourist hub in Kashmir to guide non-Muslims towards the path of Islam.