Poshker government school outperforms all institutes in Budgam

Poshker government school outperforms all institutes in Budgam
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School topper Minhaj (98.6%) says his aim is to gain knowledge, not money

BUDGAM: Excellence is not something government schools are known for, but the government high school in Poshker – a far-off village in central Kashmir’s Budgam – has outperformed all the government schools in the district, with 97.5 percent success rate in Class 10 Board exams.
Situated in the forested foothills of Pir Panchal mountains, the Poshker high school has consistently maintained top position in its zone for decades now. This year, 40 of its students appeared in the state board’s exams, of whom 39 qualified with good marks. Minaj-ul-Majeed was the topper with 493 marks out of 500.
The efforts and achievements of the school are appreciated not just by the students’ parents but also by teachers in other schools, locals, and by the government’s education department.
Talking to Kashmir Reader, the school’s topper Minhaj said he was thankful to his head-teacher, school staff, and his physical education teacher, Jaseem.
“This would not have been possible if my teachers had not worked on me,” he said. “I have opted for science now and my aim is to gain knowledge, rather than money.”
The school staff was all praise for the “dynamic” headmaster. Aijaz Ahmad, a gold-medalist teacher who teaches Geography at the school, said, “All this could be done due to the leadership of the headmaster, in collaboration with other staff members.”
Another teacher, Saleem Jahangeer, said that the school had not only outperformed in academics, but also in co-curricular activities. “This year we have won almost twenty trophies, at all levels – district, state, and national,” he said, adding that such achievement has been a feature of the past several consecutive years.
Tariq Ahmad Dar, a teacher at the school, said, “This is the lone institution where Class 9 and Class 10 students have separate subject experts teaching them.”
Dar, however, blamed parents for their lackadaisical approach towards the career of their wards. He said, “The parents don’t take much pains to guide and counsel their wards.”
A local educationist, Sheikh Gulzar Ahmad, praised the dedication and achievement of the Poshker school teachers. “I strongly believe that the opportunity given to students living in the countryside by this school will be of immense benefit,” he said. “The students want to excel, as Minhaj has proved, but our attention as educators and the support of parents is the key to success in backward areas where technology is a distant dream, to learn at an advanced level.”
A senior citizen of the area, Ghulam Nabi, said that the Poshker school had shown that students from lesser-known government schools could perform better than those from the most reputable ones.