Witholding of salary is violation of fundamental rights; ADC Shopian’s order ultra vires:DAK

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Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) in a communique showed strong dismay over the order of Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Shopian in which he has ordered District Treasury officials to withold salary of the employees of Health Department for the month of December 2018. DAK President, Dr.Suhail Naik termed the order as ultra vires and asked the authorities to revoke this unconstitional order. “It is quite astonishing that the failure of implementing the Ayushman Bharat Scheme by the administration is being attributed to the employees of the Health Department who are made a scape goat”,said Dr Owais H Dar General Secretary, DAK. It is pertinent to mention that recently the ADC Shopian has issued an order with a direction to the treasury officer as “not to release the salary of Health Department employees for not implementing the Ayushman Bharat scheme fully”. Dr Arshed H Trag added that “These type of orders only create confusion and rift between the administration and health department and thus affect badly the functioning of health department.Such illegal orders are issued without the application of mind and we strongly criticise and reject such dictatorial orders”. “Health Department being among the essential departments is among very few departments which is functioning the round the clock with zest and zeal for the service of people and stopping their salary for none of their fault is against the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court. DAK urges the DC shopian to revoke this order and term it as void ab initio. DAK Spokesperson has already taken up the matter with Chief Medical Officer(CMO) Shopian and urged him to resort the issue without any further chaos.