Mudslinging in SMC: Deputy Mayor demands investigation into Mayor’s working

Mudslinging in SMC: Deputy Mayor demands investigation into Mayor’s working
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SRINAGAR: Deputy Mayor of Srinagar Municpal Corporation, Sheikh Imran on Tuesday sought investigation by the Vigilance department and Central Bureau of Investigation into works, transfers, and appointments made by the Mayor Junaid Matoo.
Addressing a press conference, Imran said the two bodies should investigate how the works by the Mayor are being carried out, how he “selectively transfers” SMC officials, and makes “fraud appointments”.
“Military bunker was razed at Lal Chowk, where now developmental work is being done. This work was given without tenders. Same is being followed at other places. Mayor transfers SMC staff selectively. This all should be investigated,” he said.
Imran was flanked by other councillors including Shaheen Bhat, who has accused Mayor of nepotism, and sexual harassment. She has also moved an application for FIR against the Mayor and his PRO.
Shaheen, 38, alleged the Mayor was asking for sexual favours for the developmental works to be done.
She said, the Mayor asked her thousands of times to go for outing with him, whenever she has picked up issues of her constituency.
“I want work to be done in my ward. I had prepared estimates too, which have not been cleared by him yet despite I following all the formalities. So whenever I called him, he told me go out with him,” she said.
When asked about allegations that she had demanded job for her son, Shaheen said, “There was nothing wrong in it. If Mayor appointed scores, what will happen if my son is accommodated, who is a deserving candidate,” she said.