J&K Bank officers association felicitates retired employees

J&K Bank officers association felicitates retired employees
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JAMMU: J&K Bank Officers Association organised annual felicitation of retired officials of the bank at Zorawar Singh Auditorium, Jammu. The function witnessed the felicitation of 149 officers of the bank, who attained the age of superannuation during the last two years.
J&K Bank Chairman, Parvez Ahmed, J&K Bank executive presidents, P K Tikoo and R K Chibber, President Rakesh Gandotra and Arun Gandotra were also present on the occasion.
Addressing the retired fraternity of the bank, Chairman Parvez Ahmed said, “The bank where it stands today is the result of persistent hard work and passion of the retired employees over the years who built a strong foundation year on and have given a stable, progressive institution to the current generation of JK Bank family.”
He urged upon today’s leaders to revive and enhance the concept of mentoring junior management employees during various assignments and to build a strong culture of collective spirit of growth, an official handout read.
Speaking about retired employee welfare, he said, “The welfare and secure future of employees and their families is an idea most close to my heart and I feel very satisfied at the various steps and new schemes we have undertaken particularly towards both working and retired employees.”
Speaking about the bank’s vision for the current financial year, he said, “Bank has seen six consecutive quarters of profitability and going forward, we will witness favorable results in the current quarter as well,” adding that “we must collectively strive hard to achieve the envisaged profit figure of Rs 2,000 crore business by the end of FY 2021-22”.
On the occasion, the chairman also consented to take up the pensioner’s demand to include the retirees of the bank under the ambit of MoU signed between J&K Bank and SMVDU Narayana Hospital which offers a special rebate of 15 % on all their services. The chairman also assented to revise the family pension in respect of twenty three cases pertaining to those who got retired before 1996 and were drawing a meager pension of Rs 3000 per month.
Earlier, Arjun Singh Rathore, Vice President JKBOA Jammu unit while extolling the role of all the retirees present at the venue, termed them as “real heroes” who have strengthened the bank.
President of AIJKBOF, Tassaduq Madni expressed the bank’s indebtedness towards its ex-employees as the seeds of their hardwork were bearing fruits towards securing the current generation’s future, the handout added.