Truckers protest against delay in unloading at Lethpora

Truckers protest against delay in unloading at Lethpora
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Officials say poor quality food items being shifted

PAMPORE: Scores of truck drivers from Kashmir, Punjab and Pathankote ferrying supplies to Food Corporation of India (FCI) on Saturday held a protest demonstration against the corporation and food supplies department at Lethpora area of Pampore for making them to wait for days at the depot.
“Many among us have not a single penny now and it seems that the FCI was going to starve us,” said a driver, adding that they would never turn to this order from now.
About 100 trucks loaded with rice and sugar were waiting to get unloaded and were parked outside FCI depot in Lethpora.
The truckers said that FCI was wasting their time and making them wait for a long time.
“The amount we had was spent on ration and accommodation,” they said.
They raised slogans like Hamare Saat Insaf Karo, Hamari Gadiya Khali Karo.
Tehsil Supply Officer said that some trucks from Jammu were loaded with poor quality food items and the corporation was checking the food items thoroughly which prolonged the unloading of trucks.
He said that for first ten days there was no release order for the food items as there was no space in the FCI depot.