Unfortunate that militants and civilians dealt with same yardstick: NC

Unfortunate that militants and civilians dealt with same yardstick: NC
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SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday impressed upon the Government of India (GoI) to put a stop to civilian killings in Kashmir and immediately initiate reconciliatory process.
Party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar while addressing a meeting of party functionaries here expressed shock at the “impunity with which unarmed civilians are being devoured upon”.
“Incidents like these does not auger well for a democratic country. I urge the incumbent governor administration to initiate an inquiry into the incident and depute fact finding team to the place where the gory incident took place,” he said.
Sagar said it is unfortunate and criminal that militants and protestors are being dealt with the same yardstick. “The governor administration should make sure that non lethal weapons like water cannons are used to quell the protests. Incidents like these will not help to bring peace to the valley. Such horrendous incidents will push the already aggravated and aggrieved people especially youth to wall,” he said.
Provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani while addressing the meet said the incident could have been avoided by using less lethal weapons and adhering to proper SOPs.
“Our party whether in government or outside government, has always upheld that Kashmir issue is political in nature. However our repeated protests and requests have fallen on deaf ears. What has unfurled at Sirnoo hamlet the other day is a blot on humanity,” he said, adding, “The incumbent administration must initiate a time bond inquiry into the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice.”
The leaders who attended the meet demanded immediate release of ex-MLA Langate Er Abdul Rashid. The leaders asserted that Rasheed has every right to protest, and that the incumbent administration should respect his person as he represented the people in the legislative assembly for good time.
Meanwhile, NC president Farooq Abdullah expressed heartfelt grief at the conflagration of Gurudawara Singh Sabha, Samandari hall, in Chatisinghpora hamlet of south Kashmir.
Terming the incident highly unfortunate, Farooq said the fire at the revered Gurdudwara has saddened him. “I urge the administration to restore the edifice to its pristine glory. The administration should ensure all possible help in the restoration job,” he said and also urged the incumbent administration to do a review of safety parameters at all the shrines of the state.