Hat Trick Public School’s new ‘tactic’ after parents resist fee hike

Hat Trick Public School’s new ‘tactic’ after parents resist fee hike
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‘Come in person to collect your wards’ assignments, they will be evaluated then’

SRINAGAR: It neither qualifies as adult education nor is it part of any ‘remedial classes’. It is probably nowhere recommended in any curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular activity for the students. But a well-known private school in Srinagar has specifically asked parents to collect the winter assignments of their wards as a condition for evaluating the students.
Parents allege that the condition is a “tactic” by the school to make them pay the hiked November fee.
In a communication issued Friday, Hat Trick Public School in Srinagar’s Zakura area has asked all “parents of KG-1 to Grade 7 students” to “come in person and collect the winter assignments of their wards”.
The communication has told the parents that they “will be required to put their initials against the acknowledgement of receiving the said assignment”.
In an apparent hijacking by the Hat Trick Public School, the institution has, under a “note” in the communication, said, “Students whose parents will come to collect the assignment in person will be evaluated and 20 marks will be included in Term-1 of such students.”
Parents of students enrolled at the school said that the communication came after they resisted a fee hike by the institution for the month of November.
“It is actually a tactic by the school. They are asking parents to visit the school on the excuse of collecting the assignments so that they can extract the hiked amount from them,” a parent said.
He said that because of the fee hike, parents have not yet cleared the November fee.
Showkat Choudhry, Chairman of the Choudhry Group, which runs the school, and Academic Head of the institution Gazala Hasan did not respond to calls and messages by this reporter.