Marshy Tulmulla land costs CUK Rs 800 crore

Marshy Tulmulla land costs CUK Rs 800 crore
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‘Grant diverted to other universities as CUK could not utilise it’

SRINAGAR: In a massive loss to the Central University of Kashmir (CUK), close to Rs 800 crore granted to it as funds by the Government of India (GoI) have been “diverted to other universities” as the varsity administration could not utilise it due to the marshy nature of the land for the Tulmulla campus in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.
Reliable sources told Kashmir Reader that the funds were granted to the university more than a year ago by the GoI’s Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).
However, in the wake of the campus land at Tulmulla being found to be too marshy, construction could not be carried out there and hundreds of crores of funds for CUK were “diverted to other universities” administered by the MHRD, sources said.
Sources said that around Rs 800 crore funds were granted to CUK under ‘capital head’, wherein the university was supposed to raise physical infrastructure in buildings as proposed in the CUK ‘Master Plan’.
“But we could not execute the master plan. There was a problem with the quality of land (at Tulmulla campus of CUK),” a source said.
The soil testing on the basis of which the GoI had approved the Tulmulla campus had been “defective”, as per the source.
Upon carrying out an “intensive” soil testing anew, the foundation’s cost “shot up by up to forty-five percent”, he added.
After the fresh soil testing, the source said, “a pile work of 11-221 metres was recommended”.
But the MHRD, as per the source, “denied the additional foundation cost, given the foundation cost as per norms is only 15-20 percent”.
“So there was a deadlock. In the meantime, there was an opinion that vertical constructions are not possible (at Tulmulla),” said the source.
Vice Chancellor CUK Prof Meraj ud Din Mir confirmed that funds of “around Rs 800 crore” granted by the MHRD had been diverted to other universities as CUK could not utilise it because of the marshy land at Tulmulla.
“First, the Master Plan could not be executed and then the NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation) took too much time for the PEBs (pre-engineered buildings),”Prof Mir lamented.
An official at the MHRD however denied that the funds were diverted.
“They stand granted in favour of CUK and will be given to them as per their need,” the official added.
Established in the year 2009, CUK is currently running at scattered buildings, which include a District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) building and an old hospital building, in the twin districts of Srinagar and Ganderbal.