Big FM’s much-loved RJ Haya returns again to the airwaves

Big FM’s much-loved RJ Haya returns again to the airwaves
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Kashmir’s first female RJ to host The Big Morning Show once more

Srinagar: Born and brought up in Zaina Kadal, Wafa Vakil, the 33-years-young woman known as RJ Haya, Kashmir’s first female RJ, is now coming back to the popular radio programme, The Big Morning Show, on 92.7 Big FM on Monday after a gap of four years.

Returning to once again to host this most popular morning show, RJ Haya will now talk about the problems which people are facing and about the achievements of women.


RJ Haya gets calls from all around the region from listeners wanting to talk to her and discuss their problems, whether in their personal lives or in society, “We used to raise the question, and I can say that by the grace of God, most of the problems people have raised on my show have been solved,” said the RJ.

“People talk about their personal lives. They have problems and they tell me about them. I try to help them out in whatever way I can. They talk about the valley or about the topic we select for our show,” she said.

“Radio is about people, it’s for the people. So we go by their mood. If the conditions are volatile outside, we play slow, soft music, we even play devotional music. People are stuck at home and have nothing to do, there’s no other means of entertainment, and radio is probably the only thing they can connect to,” Haya further said.

The Srinagar resident has completed her BBA and joined 92.7 Big FM in her last year of college. “I was always interested in music, right from my childhood. I was always a part of cultural programmes in my school days, I would listen to the radio a lot, and destiny brought me here,” Haya said. According to her, she had a passion for the broadcasting medium, and in 2006, she became the first female RJ in Kashmir

“Whatever I am right now, I am because of the consistent support of my family,” RJ Haya said. “No one can stop you from achieving your goals when you have family to support you from behind. My sister has shaped me whatever I am today. It was only due to her insistence that I went for the audition in 2006 and saw many very experienced persons. I thought I would not get a chance, but after many levels of auditions, I qualified and started my radio journey in Kashmir with the name RJ Haya.”

When asked about why she has a different name, she replied, “It is because the company wants to protect us as we know Kashmir is a conflict zone and did not have a private radio station before. This is the first time a radio station was launched in Kashmir, and I was the first female RJ, so for some time, they wanted to hide me and my colleagues’ identify.

“I have learned many things about the radio, and it’s all because of the company. The best thing was I did not receive training as when they organised training for RJs I was not able to attend it due to a personal reason. Then I learned the RJ part of things through phone conversations with the company,” she added

Haya didn’t face any problems in this field. “Everyone in my family and my relatives supported me as I was the only one among us who wanted to do something different. After my marriage, my in -laws supported me a lot too.”

Wafa has completed 12 years with 92.7 Big FM as RJ Haya and is now blessed with a 5-year-old daughter. From the last four year, she has been hosting an afternoon show where they used to discuss cookery and recipes. “Now, after four years, I am again coming for The Big Morning Show, and we will talk about more topics which are related to our society and we will try to solve them,” she added.