Travelling is Both Fun and an Opportunity to Learn and Reconnect

Travelling is Both Fun and an Opportunity to Learn and Reconnect
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By Meer Abass

Travelling is one of the most striking experiences ever. It is, indeed, travelling which unveils many hidden secrets and explores various untold stories about life. Travelling, since the very beginning, has been a very interesting, astonishing and remarkable act. It opens many books to you, many facts of life and shows you numberless blocks on the very ways to your destination.
Of all the wonderful sorts of experience, travelling is just thrilling. It teaches you many new things which have been unknown, unconditional and unfavorable. Leaving home for a single cause amazingly teaches you numberless causes to live in this world; not if for yourself then, for your family, at least.
Travelling is an adventure. It is not always easy to carry neither out, nor too difficult all the times. Most of interesting surprises of life appear while travelling. It is a very jubilant act while finding the bags packed and clothes pressed to go for a travel, but no sooner do you departure, than all appear quite changed and new to your own eyes even those things which you are already familiar with.
There is no guarantee of a travel to be pleasing and joyful all the time. It is mostly considered a source of getting jubilance and saving memories, but on the other hand, it can be nasty and unfavorable too. Different people have their own destinations and motives for travelling. Some go for getting jobs, other for studies. Some enjoy travelling, others love it. Some seem to attend the jubilant ceremonies, others look drowned in the tears of sorrows. However, travelling, at each stage gives you something new and teaches you a unique sort of socialization.
Travelling is, in fact, an act to find own potential to manage things. Planning for tomorrow’s clothes and thinking about preparing lunch and dinner and above all, the tension of waking up in the earliest morning puts you in the state of loneliness and compels you to realize the importance of your home and family where you were used to ordering and finding your orders immediately ready before you.
There is no denying the fact that travelling teaches tolerance. Many things that used to be a reason for fighting on the native land, are more likely to be compromised and settled while you are traveling. A person, who would not even like to hear a word from others, is found listening to long unpleasant talks now while being out of his/her homeland. However, travelling seeks many unexpected things, but all go adding and helping to you.
Moreover, travelling forces you to ask many questions for reaching the place wanted since a new city opens all its gates to the new-comers, but none seems to accord them a welcome. Interestingly, those who consider questioning a matter of their dishonour and disrepute are found asking questions more frequently while travelling. That is what, travelling offers you many inauspicious things; however, you have to accept for that sake.
Foreigners find full time frustration! While being away from family and parents create a state in which you though unwillingly, yet think and focus on the little things even. Absence of care, sympathy and love makes you feel how much important role your parents play in your life. The move towards a big land and achieving a great temporal status give you everything but solace of heart and peace of mind.
The love for motherland or hometown is also an important element of your life which comes to be realized when you are going to travel. The roads of native land seem to hug but the streets of foreign come to hunt. It is the stage where you recognize the greatness of love of land, but very usually, unknown that is why you delay this spirit.
In sum, travelling is a stroke on the very strength of yours. It is undoubtedly hard and unsatisfactory, but you have to indulge in it as life demands you to move, for being changed.

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