Protests mark Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities

Protests mark Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities
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SRINAGAR: Marking of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Monday as a black day, the Jammu and Kashmir Handicapped Association (JKHA) held a protest demonstration here, demanding the implementation of the Disability Act 2018 in the state.

Scores of differently-abled people from various districts of the valley assembled here in Press Enclave, chanting the slogans “We want rights” and “We want Justice”.


JKHA President Abdul Rashid Bhat said the Governor administration has recently passed the Disability Act 2018 and that the JKHA is very thankful for it.

“Now this Disability Act 2018 should be implemented in the state as soon as possible,” Bhat said.

He said, “On 3rd December, World Disability Day is celebrated everywhere in the world, but we observed this day as a black day.”

Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Association of Deaf also held a silent protest demonstration here in Press Enclave, demanding that special reservations in jobs be set for them.

The demonstrators held placards and banners which read: “Avoid Discrimination against Deaf”, “Financial Assistances on Subsidy Basis to Deaf”, “Construction of Schools for Deaf”, “Provide enough opportunities of employment to deaf” and “Set Special Reservation Jobs for Us”.