PRC row: Delhi repeatedly trying to undermine JK’s disputed status, says JRL

PRC row: Delhi repeatedly trying to undermine JK’s disputed status, says JRL
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Reiterates poll boycott appeal

SRINAGAR: The joint resistance leadership on Monday said New Delhi is repeatedly devising means and methods to erode and undermine the disputed status of J&K by fiddling with the state subjects laws in order to change the demographic composition of the state.
JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said the new controversy about permanent resident certificates (PRCs), as reported in media, is part of the “Doval doctrine borrowed from Israel”.
“This policy of assaulting Kashmiris on all accounts – physical, economical and psychological – in order to put intense pressure on them to give up their legitimate struggle is well known by now,” the leadership said. “But what New Delhi refuses to acknowledge is that it may have groups of collaborators in the form of regional pro-India parties who for the lust of chair help Government of India (GoI) in taking illegitimate roots here, but the people of Kashmir have not for a year or two but for past three long decades withstood severe Indian state repression with full resilience and strong resolve and have not budged an inch from striving for their basic right. And that is what they will continue to do so come what may.”
“Unfortunately these regional parties who could have represented Kashmiris’ interests in New Delhi always chose to dance to India’s tunes when on chair, and once out of it, became public sympathisers again for the sake of chair hence exploiting people either way,” JRL said. “People of J&K are politically far mature and know how to withhold every challenge thrown their way by New Delhi and defeat it by their collective might and determination.”
Referring to the statement by home minister of India Rajnath Singh that J&K is an integral part of India, JRL said, “It is a fact that by way of its huge military might, New Delhi controls the territory of J&K and rules over it, but by virtue of people’s will it (GoI) knows it does not. And that is precisely why it refuses to honour its commitment of giving the people of J&K the right to self determination and resolve the internationally accepted Kashmir dispute. No amount of repetition that Kashmir is an integral part story can undermine the historical and ground realities of the dispute.”
Meanwhile, the JRL statement condemned the continuous detention of Muhammad Yasin Malik and expressed serious concern over his deteriorating health in jail. It also denounced the continuous house arrest of Syed Ali Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who was again put under house arrest late Sunday night. “The repeated illegal detention of (resistance) leadership is deplorable,” the statement said.
JRL reiterated appeal to people to observe the ‘human rights violation week’ by strongly registering their protest and resentment against it.
Meanwhile, JRL have asked people to observe a complete protest shutdown in Trehgam, Qadirabad, Qaziabad, Naidkhai, Rafiabad, Pattan, Sukhnag, Parnewa, Shadimarg, Kapran, Hermain, Pombay, Larnoo, Breng, Sagam areas going to polls in the 6th phase of “sham panchayat elections thrust upon them by the authoritarian state”.
The leadership asked people to demonstrate their total rejection and disregard of this “futile” exercise by completely boycotting it.