A Cruel Fax Machine or Plan B

A Cruel Fax Machine or Plan B
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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

Fax machines eradicated the barriers of communication. But in Jammu and Kashmir these very tools of communication make and break government(s). A fax machine led to the dissolution of an Assembly. A Cruel Fax Machine repudiated to receive a fax which could have decided the fate of the political ecosystem in the state. A fax which could have injected a magic bullet of power in three mainstream parties never reached to its destination. A fax that was designed to transform the dust into gold was lost in the air. Mehbooba Mufti had staked a claim to form the government by romancing with its arch rival NC and Congress. The romance was strangled before it could blossom.
Looking at the fact that the technology has reached to the magical levels, a deception by a fax machine seems quite illogical. This seems to be a part of a larger game. The dismantling of the state Assembly may have a covert plan beyond a Fax Machine, that is, plan B. This plan may be of anyone; BJP or other parties. Here plans are made by trickery ( anytime anywhere). So this could be one. Let us put a pause on the concept of a fax machine and focus on the other perspectives.
As per reports, Mehbooba Mufti’s letters permeated shock waves to the BJP-ruled New Delhi. The political space was shrinking and getting congested for the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir. The reaction was therefore prompt. The Assembly was dissolved on the same day the power was claimed. The decision also came only after three days after the Governor, during his speech in New Delhi, had overtly refuted any plan to dissolve the assembly in near future. The parties here were even not given a chance to prove their majority in a floor test. The so called Democracy was slaughtered. This could have been a BJP’s well planned strategy. But wait, it had another angle too. The dreams of Sajad Gani Lone were also shattered by the dissolution. He had a grand plan to romance with BJP to quench his thirst for power. The dissolution proved a blessing in disguise for the grand alliance on this front. All the three parties were pushing for the dissolution to pave a way for fresh elections. They made it happen. This could have been their plan.
A cruel fax machine or a Plan B is a million dollar question. It could have been a well planned strategy from any of the side. BJP blocked the wedding of grand alliance which was the motto they fulfilled. The grand alliance formation may also have just been a political gimmick to force the Governor for dissolution of the state Assembly. They were successful in sabotaging the formation of a Sajad Lone led Government. All the parties are on one common ground, to grab the power by hook or crook. The people are made the fodder and marketing products in the entire process. It is the politics of distortion, manipulation and deception for the people.

The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: f.hussainsodagar@gmail.com.