What happened to ‘boycott call’ on power woes: PDP asks Congress

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BANDIPORA: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has lashed at the Congress for “misleading people”.
A PDP spokesperson from district Bandipora lashed at the Bandipora Congress unit for “misleading people on all issues”.
Referring to a statement of the Congress on Panchayat polls, the spokesperson reminded former Congress MLA about his commitment to voters on power crisis and his “brazen” volte-face from promise of boycott on the issue.
He said that it was not on this issue only that he “has shown his back to people”, and alleged that “he (Congress MLA) so far thrived on the gimmicks of registering in his account what was never his doing”.
The spokesman further alleged that money provided by PDP government for Srinagar-Bandipora road and the MLA’s claim to attribute it to his account “is the latest example of hoodwinking”.
“Panchayat polls have been contested on non-party basis. But those elected or defeated are known faces and people know well their loyalties,” he said.
He further said that time had come that former MLA’s “real deeds” were well accounted for by the electorate in particular and masses in general and that he would have to answer for what he had done in various capacities, since 1990.