Knowledge and Economic Development Equals to Power. Let’s Impart Both to Our Civilization

Knowledge and Economic Development Equals to Power. Let’s Impart Both to Our Civilization
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This essay is in the nature of an abridged part of a lecture delivered by my professor which lately consumed my mind. I want to rewind, remind and recapitulate it for myself and also want to share with others. The learned economics teacher gave us an admonished reminder of the following facts.
A civilization must be economically and educationally empowered and uplifted more than politically. A strong and mighty political power comes automatically from mighty economic and educational power. Sovereignty will sustain when there is independence. Independence of economy and advancement in scientific technology and its possession is equally important. Controlling economy and freedom to exploit one’s own economic resources is a symbol of a great political power.
Romans and Greeks conquered and ruled the world only because of their knowledge, wisdom and economy. America is controlling the world through economic, cultural, intellectual imperialism, because it possesses wealth and knowledge. China and Russia possess the same.
The civilizations that ignore and undermine economic and educational welfare of their people bring destruction and devastation to their masses. The wars of the Middle East are witness to this fact of political controlling by big powers who are basically economic and technological giants. Occupation and colonization of the parts of different nations is result of economic and technological backwardness of these entities.
A major civilization of the world is today facing identity crises despite having control over some 50 plus countries. Political awakening is threat to a civilization itself. No political power can be achieved or rightly sustained without the economic and educational power.
Let me illustrate by way of an Islamic narration:
There was a person who came before the Prophet of Islam (SAW) and said that he wanted to keep his horse safe. In lieu of this, should he tie the horse with the tree or just rely on God? The prophet replied: tie the horse with the tree and rely on the Lord.
Faith in God and possession of economic power and technology are equally important to sustain a civilization. Let us enlighten our civilization with the candle of knowledge and focus on its economic upliftment.

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