Life, Full of Challenges, Can be Lived to the Fullest With the Right Attitude

Life, Full of Challenges, Can be Lived to the Fullest With the Right Attitude
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Something happens wrong and it goes happening that way. There is no control and there seems no control over the conditions and circumstances. Man tries and tries valiantly and repeated but to no avail. Each step falls on a land alien. Nothing goes right, nothing moves in the desired direction.
You move one step ahead and ten steps you get pulled back. You try to stand but you are forced down. You try to run but you are compelled to crawl. And, if you try to fly to avoid the hurdles of the land, all the missiles and bullets are fired to end your flight.
Plus, the trajectory of life seems flat and zero; it begins and ends at the same time. Pain, permutation in pain, anxiety, stress and tension are the outcome(s) at the end of each day. One is not able to cope with the pressures and demands of life. Life seems impossible and means seem not in sight to achieve the impossibility. All the forces and agencies of nature seem working against you. The men and people around you seem conspiring against you perpetually.
Life is a maze and conundrum from which nobody comes out alive. Coming alive is not the purpose in the first instance. What is the purpose is to make it easy, accommodating, comfortable and sustainable. In the ephemeral and temporary life, our purpose should be to develop a semblance of permanence and a certain degree of persistence and consistency. And, in the all around unpredictability, some degree of predictability has to be there.
The chains and burden of relations and responsibilities, at times , turn back breaking and many people give in. All the relations have their demands and challenges which not all the people are able to fulfill; not all are about to cope with this pressure. Some face miserable failures. But, those who keep fighting reach to the summit anyhow(may be late but surely do they reach the pinnacle of life)
A human tendency which makes the fight of life even more troublesome is the desire, hope and expectation of getting recognition, after doing some work or without it. Recognition is hard to come and it is harder to come from your near and dear one, from your friends and family. Here, the “panacea” is that the expectation levels should be reduced without reducing the level of efforts that one puts toward the endeavors and affairs of life. Recognition eventually will come, from all and from everywhere and if it doesn’t come, it will be less heart breaking.
True, you lose time and you lose precious moments of your life while fulfilling the needs and demands of others. The more you do the more they need and demand. There is no satisfaction and there is no contentment, a human character. Here, again it is about lowering expectations, not of yours but of those around you. You should keep them aware about the limitations you have while trying to fulfill the needs and demands of the people who are dependent on you. Taken into confidence nobody will demand more from you than what you can afford. Cooperation comes with understanding and you should be the first person to try to build that understanding.
One big reality about most of the things in life is that most of them are relative and only few absolute. That is true about expectations, hopes, desires and dreams in life, they are relative to your standing in life. A hungry man dreams for food, homeless dreams for a home and poor dreams for riches of life. The same is true about the level of expectations others have from you, they are relative to the realization you give them about your capabilities and limitations. Once a person learns to maintain a balance and calibrate the expectations of the others according to that balance and limitations life would surely become much easier.
The time of birth is usually a celebration and the time of death mourning but is death really a great loss? Yes, it is if the person who dies has made a difference during his life span, if he has been able to make his life and those around him better and the conditions of life sustaining. This too depends on the level of calibration and balance that man makes in keeping the selfish interests in check and promoting which are beneficial to all. One who does so is the real success. Those who succeed in life ideally deserve to be respected and that respect comes, if not from the expected sources but, at least, from the sources unknown.
Another problem with success and failure is we fail to decide what success is and what failure is. Failure can be turned into success and success if we properly deal with the problems of life. At times, success we are searching turns out to be failure when looked through the proper prism. This puzzle needs to be solved and it can be solved by looking things as they really are, by taking into consideration pros and cons of all the issues, problems and motives of life.
Life literally is a game of attitude(s). Those with proper attitude are the real winners and those with the wrong one are the losers. Interestingly, it takes equal amount of time for a right approach and the wrong one. Who can avoid the downs and disappointments in life? None really. Right attitude can make us to deal properly and effectively with the downs and disappointments; the wrong attitude fails us to deal even with the ups and successes of life. A wrong attitude is a failure in the real sense.
The attitude definitely is the game changer so the attitude should be of a fighting sprit where each battle of life is fought well. Well fighting never means success but one who fights well can in all probability can accomplish great feats in life; the condition is that the fight should be till the end. Sometimes we give up when we are very near the goal.
A person should travel all the tough and troublesome roads of life with a sense of responsibility, accountability and dedication. This is the right attitude. Success comes to those with that attitude and move away from the rest who follow not this approach. It needs to be done with right zeal, zest and enthusiasm.
One day death will come and it will snatch everything from us but we should be accumulating the good before that and immediately before that. Nowhere life is so uncertain and unexpected as it is in our case, this is the perception we all have, enemies and friends, young and elders and aliens and native. But life is same for all; almost every one faces same challenges, same demands and the same responsibilities; we must perform our roles with the rightful of attitude.
At the end, life is worth living, trying and testing. We are here with a purpose and we must try to fulfill that purpose; we should not fall in the middle of the way, we must not give up when the goal is near and we should not give up hope of the morning when the darkness gets darker. Light will be there after every darkest period of night; morning will be there after every night and every goal will be achieved after every genuine and sincere effort is invested. There is nothing to get disheartened about. Keep moving.

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