Ehtisham Bilal arrested from Srinagar

Ehtisham Bilal arrested from Srinagar
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Srinagar: Police has arrested Ehtisham Bilal on Sunday from Srinagar’s downtown with the “help of his family”.

Highly placed sources told Kashmir Reader that police arrested him in Khanyar neighbourhood, where he resided before joining militant outfit ISJK.

The engineering student went missing on October 28 days after he was beaten by students in a scuffle at Sharda University in Greater Noida.

His photo showing him wearing black outfit with grenades strapped to his body in front of black flag of Islamic State appeared on social media to mark his entry into the militant outfit. The Kashmiri student’s unverified audiotape  also announced his entry into the outfit.

His distraught mother had repeatedly appeared on videos making his son fervent appeal to return home. His arrest is seen to be properly planned by the police.

Police officially announced his arrest and appealed for withholding his name.

“With the help of family and #police an individual ( name withheld) has been brought back to the mainstream. Further details shall follow,” police said. 

Though no reason was cited for withholding the name, it is reportedly to make him lead a smooth life after quitting militancy. 

Although police doesn’t highlight militants who return home but Ehtisham is the second militant who hogged headlines and quit militancy to return home. Before footballer-turned-militant Majid Khan of Anantnag returned home in 2017.