Treating JK Bank as PSU: Why formal orders not issued, asks RTI Movement

Treating JK Bank as PSU: Why formal orders not issued, asks RTI Movement
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‘PDP, NC need to clear stand’

SRINAGAR: Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement has expressed its dissatisfaction over the government’s silence on its decision to convert JK Bank into a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), saying that till date no formal orders have been issued in this regard which adds to the confusion among people.
“People are not able to understand what kind of PSU will J&K Bank be? Will it be like a state PSU or the one like central banks that already are PSUs under Govt of India?” Chairman RTI Movement Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat said in a statement.
He reiterated RTI Movement’s stand that bringing J&K Bank under RTI law’s ambit is a very wise decision taken by State Administrative Council (SAC) and expressed the hope that JK Bank authorities will act as public authority within the meaning of said law and provide information to the public under the act by designating Public Information Officers (PIOs). RTI Movement has demanded that formal orders be issued in this regard.
“We need clarification from local political parties like PDP and National Conference (NC) vis-a-vis their stand on applicability of RTI in J&K Bank. Both these parties are protesting on SAC decision but they have not thrown light over the issues they are protesting against,” Bhat said. “With regard to JK Bank, SAC took three decisions: bringing the bank under RTI ambit; directing it to follow CVCs guidelines, and converting it into public authority. Both NC and PDP haven’t been able to explain the negative effects of these decisions?”
“Are PDP NC only against PSU order or they want rollback of all the three decisions that include not bringing JK Bank under RTI ambit,” Dr Muzaffar questioned.