UN must prevail upon India on HR violations in Kashmir: JKSECC

UN must prevail upon India on HR violations in Kashmir: JKSECC
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Condemns ‘operation all out’, demands AFSPA revocation

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC) has condemned “operation all out” in Kashmir, denounced AFSPA and demanded revocation of the said act in the state.
The committee also appealed the Secretary General UN to “prevail upon India to desist from trampling down on human rights”.
The JKSECC along with an amalgam of business organisations also condemned human rights violation in Kashmir division.
At a press conference held here on Thursday, the committee appealed the government of India to revoke the AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
“These operations have touched alarming proportions. There are heart-rending and soul-stirring accounts of gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity in localities where CASOs (cordon and search operations) are conducted.”
“In any situation, where a combatant is holed up in a house on the tip of any information, scores of combined forces pounce upon the house like animals of prey during the midnight when the teenager combatant is actually asleep and not wielding any weapons; they cordon-off the area and start a ‘destroy operation’ of the entire locality, they use huge quantity of arms and ammunition at their disposal to blast the houses out of existence – not only one house but the ammunition is used to destroy other houses as well in the vicinity,” said Chairperson JKSECC, Hameeda Nayeem.
She alleged that in the past years government forces have killed the inmates of the houses as well. “A number of boys have been killed after being labelled as over ground workers (OGW), a new label to kill any one they find convenient to kill. They have killed 16 mentally unstable persons including two women in the past two years on the pretext of being over ground workers for militants.”
She said it is very difficult to keep the count of the persons killed, maimed, blinded, crippled. “Hundreds of civilians have been killed in these operations with complacency and carte blanche. In fact, the bio-politics of the state under the pretext of serving the body politic, is to disable, cripple, maim, disfigure and on top of all blind young boys and girls with shotgun pellets to destroy their vision, latest in the series being 19 month old Hiba,” Hameeda added.
She further alleged that it is the government that pushes the youth to take the gun. “They arrest them without any reason, torturing that too third degree interrogation and persecuting them under the pretext of stopping them from stone pelting,” she added.
According to Hameeda, the UNCHR report released in June this year confirming gross human rights violations in Kashmir “has been jeered and ridiculed and dismissed with disdain by the arrogant government”.
“This is high time for UN body and the larger international community to wake up to the disaster being wrought in Kashmir and seriously intervene to seek an end to this human tragedy of enormous proportions,” she added.
The committee members appealed the Secretary General UN, and the ‘conscientious powers’ of the world who uphold international law to “prevail upon India to desist from trampling down on human rights, demilitarise Kashmir, revoke AFSPA and let people of Kashmir live a dignified peaceful life as guaranteed by international covenants and her own constitution”.
They also appealed the ‘conscientious Indian civil society’ “not to be swayed by the state-sponsored malicious propaganda which denies the very core issue which is at the heart of the conflict”.
“This denial is used to justify the gross violation of human rights and crimes against the people,” they added.