On Losing Innocence and the Conflicting Pull(s) of Times

On Losing Innocence and the Conflicting Pull(s) of Times
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By Shafqat Mushtaq

Every year, innumerable students graduate which, from the perspective of statistics constitutes proof enough to claim that a nation has made steady progress. Stats charm and people overnight turn a given society into a mighty force to reckon with – educated, civilized, and religious and so on. Is it anything else than a mere contribution to a pool of stagnant waters, already oozing out and silently dampening the delicate walls of a disoriented nation!
Education inspires courtesy, discipline, sense of duty towards the less privileged. It replaces haste and brings contemplation, exposes delicacies of time, strangles precipitous reactions.. Dire consequences their reckless actions yield never incite remorse. Prudence in them might see the light of day though when the same fate strikes them, completely unaware.
An educational creed here never lacks luminosity, its scandal-strewn cadence, with tinges of bright colors, obscure not its mawkishness! Higher the education more the corruption, immorality, untrustworthiness! Cunningness enters the stream of young blood from where if not from the hollow walls of liberty of education. It is a price, for nothing is free, how can an education be ! Enter its compound and leave with bags full of injury hands full of corruption, an acquisitive heart, and more.
Illiteracy matters not for educated and illiterate honor the same stage of ignorance. Knowledge is ignorance and ignorance is power (a perfect ensemble!) Inside the classrooms of erudite and pompous nationalists, a true erudition is a discourse of mockery, vainglory, and prevarication. CM of XYZ, a fancy face, is the tutor. Densely pixeled screens promise high-resolution, not end of dubiety. A wakeful eye and behold, power and subjugation differ not, slums and elegant buildings smell alike, a market and a university let pocket and mind go crack, the house of God and den of devil exploit same fear, assembly hall and torture room paint sedition on the face of truth. Look around, a pattern emerges: sinister the actions bitter the speech, despair the norm, peace an anomaly.
A lamb enters college and leaves a wolf. Minds break free of sanity, not shackles. Thoughts don`t flourish, ideal paradise dissolves its illusory robes and dissipates into a heap of crushed bones. Outside the four walls of college real monsters roar; a student, what will he do, desperate, he will survive, he will snatch life for himself out of the dead discourse, he will metamorphose into a monster, too. He would lock horns, roar at monster and wolf, a roar for roar would leave the air sour.
Time is short and plenty to master. But he`ll do it. He`ll master the quackery of politicians, the barbarity of force, dishonesty of servants, the languor of teachers, scandals of self-professed godmen, deceptive games of corporations.
Faithful to religion see modern education and its practices steeped in secularism? Between secularity and religiosity, crushed between today and tomorrow, yonder lies the humanity in tattered clothes!

Look beyond the starry sky, what do you see?
I see a dark night!
Look beyond the dark night, what do you see?
I see a starry sky!

PS – Imagine a house and inside it, a water-storage with water reaching its brim. A proportion of it gets consumed, filled again, repeats the process. Perhaps, due to over-exposure to the bad weather, unfortunately, the storage has developed crevices. Consequently, the seepage ensues, dampening the walls of the whole structure, hence endangering the home!

The author holds a Master’s in English literature. He can be reached at: agogauthor@gmail.com