This Rabi-ul-Awwal, Let’s Review and Introspect!

This Rabi-ul-Awwal, Let’s Review and Introspect!
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Ashraf Amin

Rabi-ul-Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar. The month holds tremendous significance for Muslims all over the world as one of the greatest souls- Muhammad bin Abdullah (SAW) was born in Arabia in Rabi ul Awwal. In the desert plains of Arabia, the person of Muhammad (SAW) dawned as the greenery that gladdens the eye. With the revelation of God, Muhammad (SAW) brought social, political, economic, moral, and spiritual reforms to perfection. The teachings that softened the haughty Arabs for the good of entire society are as viable today as they were then.
The most needed recipient of Muhammad’s(SAW) ideals is the world of today. The challenges that Muhammad (SAW) faced in his time are all staring at us fiercely as they were then. The episodes of injustice, exploitation, sexual lawlessness, theft, plunder, bloodshed all are witnessed contemporarily in one way or the other. To restrict the rising tide of such evils, the teachings of Muhammad (SAW) become increasingly important not only to Muslims but for the entire mankind. To contribute to the common good of all humanity, every individual should access the teachings and examples of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that are well preserved in Qur’an, the Divine Scripture and the Sir’ah (Biography) of Muhammad (SAW).
Muslims are duty bound to address the misconception about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that arise in the minds of some of our fellow beings. The month of Rabi-ul-Awwal should be the focus of such a program. The removal of misapprehensions about our noble and great Prophet(SAW) is important to avail his life enriching to all.
The marriage of Muhammad(SAW) with Ayesha is still used by some non-Muslims as a weapon to point at the character of the noble Prophet(SAW)t. They fail to see the debate that pervaded among the Muslim scholars about the age of Ayesha (RA) at her marriage with the Prophet(SAW). There are others who see the Prophet as an expansionist and conqueror like the kings in the medieval ages. They hardly see the life of Muhammad (SAW) in totality.
Many false images have been projected on to the person of Muhammad (SAW), the last in the line of Prophets. The greatest service that a Muslim may conceive is to bring home the real image of Muhammad (SAW) to t non-Muslims. The peace of our world is at stake. Despite more knowledge and education at our feet, we are sinking in the evils of all sorts. Women are unsafe at public places. The weak are vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of the powerful. Truth becomes the scapegoat at the altar of falsehood. Nothing is working for the betterment of environment and human lives. In such a grim scenario, Muslims should come forward with the practical implementation of Prophet’s Sunnah for minimizing such hazards for all and one. This noble work of course requires patience and politeness that Muslims must cultivate at each step of their efforts. Rabi-ul-Awwal may act as a starting point for us to think for a broader mission. Let this Month dawn on all the creation as Mercy for Muhammad(SAW) is not but the mercy for the whole creation (Al-Quran, 21:107).

The author is an Assistant Professor at BGSBU, Rajouri. He can be reached at: ashrafamin121@gmailcom