Family appeals ‘militant’ son to return home

Family appeals ‘militant’ son to return home
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SRINAGAR: The family members of Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, resident of Sozeith area in Budgam district, whose picture holding an AK-47, went viral on social media recently, appealed their son to come back home.
Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, who worked as a labourer in private company, left his home but did not return.
Ishfaq’s family assembled here at the Press Enclave on Wednesday requesting their son to “come back for the sake of parents”.
According to his family, they learnt about his (Ishfaq’s) joining militancy when his picture, holding an AK47, went viral on social media.
Ishfaq’s father, Abdul Rashid Khan, said Ishfaq was working as a labourer with an electric tower construction company who mostly stayed out of home for days.
“Our father was detained by police in October. When my brother, Umer, came to know about it, he visited police station Parimpora to get his father released and stayed there on his own. Finally, he was slapped with PSA,” alleged his sister Wazira Bano.
“While Umar was in custody, Ishfaq left his home for work and did not return home,” she said.
Wazira also said that Ishfaq was the only earning hand in their family. “We are four sisters and one is married. Our mother is a heart patient and our father is not able to work as a labourer.
The family members appealed their son to come back home for the sake of parents and sisters.